Hyperdimension Neptune U [2] Platinum

Managed to platinum the game.


First off, some comments about the extra tower mode called ‘Neptral Tower’ where every characters have to ‘climb’ all the way to the top by beating stage floors. It’s pretty interesting that a character for example isn’t selectable in a particular floor because she hasn’t reached it, while other characters who reached it are. But I was expecting the tower to have 100 floors, since it’s been referenced throughout the series that Neptral Tower has 10,000 floors. So the least they can do is keep it similar. But it turns out there are only 50 floors in this game… It’s a relief on one hand, but on the other hand it’s also pretty disappointing ^^;

The most tedious part of this game (and it seems to be true in most cases of the series) is maxing the lili ranks of everyone. I calculated that there are 45 lili rank combinations.

My lili rank table spreadsheet when I'm done

My lili rank table spreadsheet when I’m done

Most combinations start with lili rank 1, some rank 2 and a few rank 3. To raise lili rank, basically the same pair needs to complete mission 3 times. Also, when everyone has reached the top of Neptral Tower, all lili ranks will increase by 1. So it’s recommended to move to other lili ranks as soon as certain lili ranks reach level 9, in order not to waste some time.

I personally think the grinding isn’t as bad as Chou Megami Shinkou Noire, though it’s pretty hard to remember which took longer. In this game, it involves beating the 5th floor of Neptral Tower over and over (since there is only one enemy there). But yeah, this is another reason why I don’t like Neptral Tower having only 50 floors. If there are more floors, it’s an opportunity to raise more lili ranks without reaching the grinding stage.

How did I bear with the grind? Last time for Noire game I watched George Carlin’s HBO specials. This time I watched Kojima Productions’ video ‘podcast’ Kojima Station (it’s my first time watching the series and I somehow missed it when Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes was released). I reached episode 5 when I got my platinum, but it’s not like I watched it the entire time I was grinding. I got to find out a lot of hidden gameplay elements in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, like how you can knock enemy conscious by throwing empty magazine at him or that crashing a vehicle into soldier isn’t considered a kill as long as you jump out of the vehicle at the last moment lol ^^;

I also checked PSN Trophy Leaders and apparently I’m the 13th person to get platinum (in their leaderboard). I think my fastest platinum is still Project Diva F2nd, which is at 6th ^^;

There’s not much thing left to do in this game. They don’t keep record of mission rankings for example. And I’ve also obtained everything. The only thing that prevents my progress from being an ‘ultimate save’ is that I don’t collect 999 medals of the last boss:


This requires beating her for about 500 times (since with certain accessory we can get 2 coins each time we defeat her). Although it can be done quickly thanks to the one-hit-kill cheat skill, because this is the last boss in both Story Mode and Neptral Tower, the game would jump to credit, end-save and start screen and I have to load the game, navigate around etc etc. It’s troublesome and at first I thought about doing this alongside lili rank grinding (so I would grind with this last floor instead of the 5th floor, and it would take longer) but I decided it’s not worth doing ^^;

I haven’t even used the swimsuit DLC code yet… ^^;

But yeah, another Neptune game down. It’s all Neptune VII now, which would be released next year for PS4 ^^; Speaking of Tsunako games, there’s one game I haven’t beaten and that’s Fairy Fencer F. And FFF is getting a sequel too ^^;


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