Upcoming gaming plan

So yeah, these past few days after I obtained Neptune U platinum, I haven’t been gaming lately. But I’m planning to return soon. The problem is I have too many choices ^^;

– I can go back to Ciel nosurge and try to get the last trophies I haven’t gotten for Sekai pack vol.2. I’m left with ‘special date’ trophies so think I need to synthesize ‘date event’ items. As far as I know I didn’t find these items when I was progressing through the story last time, so I think these items only unlock after the story is complete. There’s also one trophy that I think requires me to meet a visitor and select a correct choice. In my experience the visitor only comes when Ion is away, or when she’s bathing before sleep. If I don’t play the game all day (I don’t plan to), I have to be lucky and be at the right time. I also don’t really plan on getting every DLCs so in the end my trophy list would remain incomplete. I kinda regret ‘getting into’ this game just because it is one of the only ‘moe’ games at that time.

– I can go back to my Neptune games, particularly on Vita there are Re;Birth 1, Re;Birth 2, PP and Noire, and try to unlock things I haven’t unlocked, such as equipments and weapons. On PP it’s just to max everyone’s stats. Maybe I would take screenshots of every costumes in Neptune games. I’m expecting them to be mostly color variations, but who knows, there might be some surprises.

– I can try challenging Extreme songs in Project Diva F and F 2nd again.

– I can try getting best rankings on Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus missions on Hard.

– I can try challenging Metal Gear Solid 2’s Extreme run again. I was stuck on Fatman boss fight last time. I can also do the Snake Tales (I kinda wish they would make the trophies such that you get a trophy for each Snake Tale completed, instead of all Snake Tales completed). Or complete more VR missions.

– I can try completing Momohime story mode in Muramasa Rebirth. I should worry about this first before doing speed-run, getting DLCs and all those stuffs.

– I can start playing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. I haven’t unlocked Kasumi, Ayane, Momiji, Sophitia etc. I have never controlled them before so I’m curious on how they play. This game might be a mega grind to platinum though.

But yeah, I can only do one of these at a time so I gotta make my decision. There are different criterias to consider, like which one can be completed in a short amount of time or which one can possibly give the most enjoyment ^^;


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