Xenosaga HD Collection?

Recently the producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada, tweets about the possibility of Xenosaga HD Collection:

Based on the content of the longer message, probably some uncivilized life forms keep tweeting to him everyday about ‘please make Xenosaga HD Collection’… and this tweet is probably ‘fuck off and stop tweeting the same shit to me everyday’ in disguise ^^;

Well, there’s also the ‘prove it that it’s not just a few of you’ part to it.

I actually have all the 3 games:


It’s funny how you can see the rating system evolves ^^;

Anyway, if they do release HD collection, then I guess I can throw these away (no need to take out PS2 to play).

It would be nice if it’s not just HD port though but instead ‘half-remake’ (remaster?) where they also improve on the character models, animations, UI responsiveness etc. They have some prerendered movies that they would need to handle anyway (please don’t just upscale them).

Edit: why not just release them as PS2 game archives? ^^;

This series is bittersweet to me. If you’re a follower of this series in the past, you might know they planned the series to have 6 games, with episode 5 being Xenogears. It never happened and they cut down to 3. How much has the original vision changed by cutting down to 3, I have no idea. Maybe a lot, but maybe not since episode 6 would be Xenogears’ sequel and episode 4 needs to be somehow a link between episode 3 and episode 5 anyway.

I also want Capcom to do Onimusha HD Collection and Koei Tecmo to do Fatal Frame HD Collection. Sadly it’s very unlikely to happen, seeing how Capcom abandoned Onimusha series, and Fatal Frame series have shifted to become Nintendo’s IP.

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