These PS2 era games are strangely missing on Vita

For me, PS2 was the height of video games. In my ideal world, Vita would have at least an entry of each series I mentioned below. Instead I’m playing new series such as God Eater, Project Diva, Senran Kagura and Neptune series. Not that they’re bad but… sigh, I missed the good old days.

It’s hard to describe it, but I think video games back in the days have more ‘respect’ to both themselves and gamers than games of recent years (what with DLC, patches (mean they can afford to release broken game), in-app purchases, social features, casual difficulty).

No Tekken for Vita, while 3DS and even Wii U have it. The closest to playing Tekken on Vita is Tekken 6 PSP digital version. There is Street Fighter X Tekken, but that’s not really Tekken is it… (incidentally, Street Fighter X Tekken is the only ‘Street Fighter’-like game on Vita (I consider Marvel vs Capcom series to be of different style). Even 3DS has Street Fighter IV).

Soul Calibur
Same as above.

Resident Evil
No Resident Evil on Vita. Although you can play the PSOne era games, there’s no way to play the modern era version (RE4 onward). I don’t mean to compare to 3DS, but even 3DS has 2 modern era RE games (Mercenaries 3D and Revelations).

Kingdom Hearts
You can’t even play Birth By Sleep PSP game since it’s not available on digital format. Meanwhile, Nintendo portables keep getting more Kingdom Heart games (GBA, DS, 3DS) (granted they’re not really the ‘main’ installments).

Fatal Frame
I was quite a big fan of Fatal Frame series. It started on PS2, had Xbox ports on the first two games, and then moved indefinitely to Nintendo series. Seriously, they should just stay on Sony platform… -.-;

Silent Hill
There’s Book of Memories but that’s a spin-off. Even PSP has 2 Silent Hill games. Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3 btw contains only Silent Hill 2 and 3. They didn’t include Silent Hill 4 in HD collection, but released it as PS2 game archives instead. Seeing how the HD collection is a technical failure, they should just release 2 & 3 as Game Archives as well instead.

Devil May Cry
They can just remake/remaster DMC3 and I would be perfectly happy… speaking of which, DMC seems to be the latest of Capcom series that is going toward the graveyard (preceded by series like Dino Crisis, Onimusha and Megaman).

It’s like they no longer make Siren games…

Tomb Raider
Yeah, Tomb Raider has never really been portable, but I personally would pick Tomb Raider over Uncharted for dungeon crawling fix. The only way to play Tomb Raider on Vita for now seems to buy the PS4 version and use remote play.

It’s like the developers have given up on the series. Only one of the 4 Tenchu games on PSP has digital version, and it’s the oldest one Shinobi Taizen. I seriously don’t mind paying for Tenchu 3 and Kurenai Portable digital version, which are PS2 ports for PSP. Tenchu 4 had a cliffhanger ending, but where’s the continuation? (why make cliffhanger ending if you’re not committed to continuing it until the end?)

Speaking of Onimusha series, the last Onimusha game, Dawn of Dreams, has an ending that hints a continuation with Akane Yagyuu (they even equip her with Oni gauntlet in the Onimusha soul card game). Where’s the damn continuation?! They can also make a prequel Onimusha game (call it Onimusha Zero) where player controls an Oni warrior before the Oni clan is extinct, and I would be happy with it.

James Bond
For some reason, I really want to play as Daniel Craig’s James Bond on Vita.

The series that made it to Vita are (as far as I know): Metal Gear Solid (HD collection), Final Fantasy (X/X-2 Remaster), Persona (4 Golden), Shinobido (2), Disgaea, Dead Or Alive. Very few. And as most of them are updated ports and not new installments, it’s still pretty disappointing. At least in PSP they have new entries (e.g., Metal Gear Acid series, Portable Ops and Peace Walker for Metal Gear series, Type-0 for Final Fantasy).

I also want Clock Tower series to be revived. Clock Tower 3 on PS2 was a pretty major departure from the series but I quiet liked it.


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