Metal Gear Solid HD Collection


Got the trophy for getting 1st ranking in 50 different VR missions.

Also got the trophy for beating all Snake Tales. I was intimidated by Snake Tales at first because I remembered it was difficult, but it turned out to be somewhere between Normal and Hard in terms of difficulty.

For the last Snake Tale (the one that involves ‘giant monster’), I couldn’t pass the handgun VR mission that requires me to get 2nd ranking or above. It turns out I was doing it all wrong; I can get higher scores if I were to shoot the targets quickly and maintain combo rather than if I shoot them accurately in the center but slowly, losing combo.

For this game, I’m pretty much left with the trophies for collecting all dog tags (I have to beat Extreme difficulty) and completing all VR missions. Both are arduous tasks, especially VR missions.

There is this type of VR mission I particularly hate where I have to snipe approaching soldiers before they reach my ally. I dislike sniping in this game since it’s very slippery. It also probably has to do with Vita’s analog sticks not having as much sensitivity as the bigger analog sticks.

I guess I should come back to challenge these trophies when I feel more ready ^^;

Senran Kagura Burst


Yeah, for some reason I have never beaten the game (the Snake Girls’ story mode) until now (this is also the reason why I hesitate to buy Senran Kagura 2, though I also don’t buy it because I’m expecting them to pull a stunt similar to Burst).

Anyway, I’m glad I did (beat the game). The Guren form of Homura is cool, so are the corrupted version of the Snake Girls (although it’s too bad the corrupted version is not playable).

Unlike Daidouji senpai, I thought the hidden character Rin was pretty easy to beat; I beat her on first try with all Snake Girls. I guess the key really is to time the attacks to connect the uppercut on first contact and keep doing chase attacks.

I don’t know how much they updated the 1st game inside Burst. Do they modify some of the scenes to retrofit with the events that happen in Burst? Do they update the character expressions? I’m not sure but probably not…

Dangan Ronpa Another Episode


I was thinking of skipping this game but I’m beginning to think whether I should get this game after all (it would be released in a few days’ time).

Spike Chunsoft to me is one of the companies to be wary of buying their games early because they might release updated version of their games in the future (I didn’t play Super Dangan Ronpa 2 when it was released on PSP. I only played it for the first time in Dangan Ronpa Reload on Vita and I think the wait was worth it). They might port this to PS4 in the future. The reason I believe so is this game is 1) 3D and 2) some form of shooter. Although I prefer portable than TV, they might add some features to PS4. So maybe wait until that time, and then decide whether the additional features are worth it. If it’s not worth it, then get the Vita version which has already lowered in price.

Or just trust that they’re not going to release updated version and buy it on day one.


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