Back to Project mirai 2

So yeah, after ‘beating’ Senran Kagura Burst, I thought about my lesser 3DS library (relative to my PS3 and Vita’s library) and the only two 3DS games of mine that I haven’t beaten are Super Robot Taisen UX and Project mirai 2.

I’m going to save Super Robot Taisen UX for another day (I still need to wrap my head around the series’ mechanic like how there’s a percentage of whether your attacks are going to hit, and you can be extremely unfortunate and miss despite high percentage, and yet you can just save before the attack and reload when you miss) ^^;

So I’m playing Project mirai 2 again.


My definition of ‘beating a game’ also differs depending on the game’s genre. In most cases, it’s seeing the end credits, but for rhythm games, it’s to get perfect on every songs in every difficulties until I ‘reach a limit’ (i.e., there are some songs in hard difficulty that I can’t just perfect, and I just gotta acknowledge it and try another day).

I just got the SP All achievement for Easy mode. Apparently you don’t need to do both Touch Mode & Button Mode for each song. As long as you get SP All from either Touch Mode or Button Mode for each song, you’ll get it.


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