Megurine Luka Interviewer

While commuting, this song played in my mind. When I got home, I opened up my turquoise blue Nintendo 3DS XL (the 3DS that screams ‘Miku!’) and managed to perfect the song in Project mirai 2 for both modes and every difficulties. It’s not too difficult.

It’s a pretty nice song. For some reason Megurine Luka has these songs about ‘getting a job’ ^^; In Project Diva F2nd, there’s a song with similar theme called ‘Hello, Worker’.


Also, Project mirai 2 has quite a number of songs (iirc 47) that scrolling can be a pain. One trick is to use the microphone feature (when appropriate). I don’t even have to say out the whole song name; I just said インタ and it successfully selects this song for me (インタビュア in Japanese).


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