Touch Normal, All Perfect

Managed to perfect every songs in Normal difficulty, Touch mode.

It’s not too difficult because there are only two touch buttons. There’re only a few songs that can be difficult and they’re the ones with level 6 difficulty. One notable song is 骸骨楽団とリリア (Gaikotsu Gakudan To Lilia) which has Miku dancing with skeleton troops. Even then it’s not abnormally difficult and took just a half-dozen of tries.

I want to get done with Touch Normal so that I can move on Touch Hard; Touch Hard has 3 buttons and it’s quite astonishing how often I press the wrong buttons ^^;

Yeah, for me Touch mode of Project mirai 2 is more interesting than Button mode, which is more similar to Project Diva series. So I’m doing Touch mode first. Also, Touch mode works better with long nails which I currently have ^^; I can tap the touchscreen with my nails and even hear aural feedback of my nails clicking on the screen, instead pressing with my soft thumbs ^^;

Recently I turned on my PSP again tried some Project Diva Extend. In Project Diva Extend, I was in the middle of perfecting all Hard songs. I’m thinking of picking up my PSP games again, games such as Shining Ark, Fate/Extra CCC and Nendoroid Collection… ^^;


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