The Best Gaming TV

Nope, I didn’t buy a new gaming TV. Though it would be nice to have one in my room. Maybe when the time’s right (such as when I buy a PS4 for MGSV Phantom Pain :p) I’m currently using a 46″ Samsung LED TV in my living room.

But if you’re thinking of upgrading your gaming TV, I have one recommendation for you:

In プレコミュ (Purekomyu, Play Commu), the official Japanese PlayStation community site, they’re promoting Sony’s KDL-42W800B (i.e., 42-inch size of W800B series) as the best TV to play PlayStation 3, 4, Vita TV etc.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 (featuring pro gamer Sako)

The selling point is that it has very low input lag when set to Game Mode, which is great for timing-crucial games such as fighting games, shooter and rhythm games. With this TV, I probably don’t have to calibrate the timing in Project Diva games.

And this TV is available internationally (i.e., not limited to Japan). Mostly 2 sizes are offered: 42-inch and 50-inch. Though in some markets there is also 55-inch size version.

Here’s an English review: RTINGS review

According to Play Commu, the input lag is ‘0.1 frame’ (whatever that means). In part 4, the disclaimer says that when they refer to 1 frame it means 1/60 second. So I guess 0.1 frame is 1/600 second which is roughly only 1-2 ms! But they also say that they don’t include the panel display lag. In English review site, the input lag (which should include display lag) ends up to be 24.3ms (still very low, the review even says it’s the lowest they’ve measured).

There is also a blog post of a Japanese gamer upgrading to this TV and posting comparison pics and video. What he did was he recorded a video of this TV and his older TV running the same source side-by-side. Then he picked out some screenshots where this TV clearly displays images faster (with one oddball exception at the end).

Blog post

So there you go. Probably the definitive TV available right now and at reasonable price to play video games, made by the same company who makes PlayStation systems.


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