Project Diva Extend, All Hard Perfect!

I DID it! I managed to perfect all the songs in Project Diva Extend on Hard difficulty!

That includes all the heavy-hitters, such as:

Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite (the Christmas Song, and one of the boss songs from the first Project Diva)


Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu (the other boss song from the first Project Diva)


Hatsune Miku no Gekishou (the boss song from Project Diva 2nd)


This used to be impossible for me… T_T

I feel like I’m a living proof that people do improve lol ^^

The hardest in a way has gotta be Gekishou. There is one part (two actually) where I have to dual-wield for a sustained period of time. I still can’t get used to it. I think if I can master dual-wielding in this song I will have no problem with long dual-wield parts in other songs.

But it’s not over yet. There’s still Extreme difficulty… ^^;

Gotta say, Project Diva series feels the best to me in 2nd-Extend era, when it’s still simple and they haven’t introduced the touch mechanics yet… ^^;

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