Project Diva Extend, 6-star Extreme All Perfect

Well, 6-star is the easiest Extreme difficulty and there are only three of them, but a progress is progress nonetheless ^^;



The song that made me cry (story-wise). Some of it may be my imagination, but this is how I see the story: the astronaut was on the way home from space. He also heard that his girlfriend had fallen ill, and hopefully he could return before it’s too late. But accident occurred and he wouldn’t be able to survive and so he sent his ring before his death. Girlfriend also died around the same time and they reunited in heaven, while their rings reunited on Earth.

Gameplay-wise, This is one of the songs with slow moving markers so it’s just a matter of being careful.

Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo


This song is exclusive to Extend and it’s one of my favorites. The difficulty of this song is that there are a few dual-wielding notes with different markers (such as square-x-square square-x-square etc). It’s not too difficult once I get used to it. Also for some reason I tend to get random Safes here and there with this song.

Anata no Uta Hime


This song existed in the first game but it didn’t have a proper 3D PV back then. Gameplay wise, this is one of those ‘intuitive’ songs, just have to listen to the music.

And that’s it.

Guess I’ll be tackling 7-star Extreme difficulty next… ^^;


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