Palette, Extreme Perfect

My second 7-star Extreme perfect (I’m going by order if possible lol ^^;)


The PV backdrop is so beautiful I don’t mind replaying this song for quite a number of tries in attempt to get perfect. I can’t help but use Luka’s appropriate costume for the PV, disregarding my previous goal of getting the title of playing as Rin 100 times.

The song is also good (the lyrics is even better) that I enjoy each try and I don’t feel frustrated at all. I even wish I could keep failing to get perfect so I can continue playing this song more lol ^^;

Difficulty mainly comes from the tight dual-wielding parts (I believe dual-wielding is a must in this song), especially the last instrumental part. There are also quite a lot of hold notes, but I’m beginning to enjoy these notes; it’s like there’s an art of ‘letting the thumb go’ (the timing, the feeling etc) in order to get Cool at the end of the hold notes.

I also earned the title of playing as Luka 50 times. It’s called ‘Cool & Husky’. Husky is appropriate description for her voice which has somehow escaped my vocabulary all this time ^^;

My next Extreme song to perfect should be Spica


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