More Extreme Perfects

Today, after watching Hatsune Miku perform in David Letterman show:

(I know nothing about the show itself though ^^;)

I went to watch Hatsune Miku ‘opening’ in Lady Gaga’s concert in June (I’m out of loop, I know ^^;). The opening turned out to be quite substantial with 20 minutes of performance!

Miku also dances more… wildly? (and all the songs seem to be remixed) Well, it’s not like I’ve seen her other concerts anyway (as a semi Hatsune Miku fan, I’m limited in terms of exposure mostly to her video game side ^^;)

Anyway, one of the songs featured is Yellow. It’s been a while since I listened to this song, so after watching the video, I jumped to Project Diva Extend and went straight to Yellow ^^;


And it turns out to be an easy Extreme (probably the easiest) ^^;

Afterward, I perfected 4 more Extreme songs.

RinRin Signal


This is another easy Extreme song. Requires dual-wielding but that’s about it.



This one took me a lot of tries until I eventually understood the tricky notes’ patterns. Basically it’s a lot easier to ‘unsee’ the double marker at the beginning, then the patterns will either be something like 1212121 or 1122334

This is a very nice song though, very suitable for concert event. In fact, notice that the PV shows Miku ‘performing in a real concert’. It’s like they turn real Miku concert into a game!

Nayuta no Kanata Made


This song gives the thrill of jamming a guitar as fast as possible (not that I’ve actually done it ^^;) . It feels great playing this song X)

Time Limit


Another easy Extreme song. As you might imagine, this is ‘life is precious, so spend it wisely’ kind of song. Very pleasing to the ears though.

And that’s it for today.

I also got the title of completing 10 Extreme perfects X)

I actually skipped one 7-star Extreme song (even though I was going in order) and that’s Luka’s Stardust Utopia. Require tight dual-wielding on instrumental part… Probably I will attempt it some other day ^^;

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