Electric Angel, Extreme Perfect

Managed to get Extreme Perfect for this song today, three tries ^^


It was confusing at first with lots of button change until I notice the patterns.

Firstly, there’s 121212… which might begin in the middle of a stream. When I see it and pick up which two buttons are used, I just shut off my mind and trust my fingers and beats.

Then there’s 123412… or even 11223344. The thing about these patterns is that it surely rotates, so it maybe square-triangle-o-x-square… Anyway, once I know whether it rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise, I just trust my fingers without worrying.

Before this, I also perfected Colorful X Melody, Roshin Yuukai and Puzzle




Colorful X Melody and Roshin Yuukai are pretty easy for an Extreme song (especially considering that they’re supposed to be 8-star). Puzzle is the very slow-moving marker type which demands greater care ^^;

I’m trying to perfect Kodoku No Hate and Stardust Utopia. I think I just need stamina for Kodoku No Hate. Stardust Utopia, on the other hand… I need to figure out a particular stream, how many buttons I should press for a dual-wield circle stream that converges into a single marker (it’s hard to see and the music is too fast for me to pick up the pattern ^^;)

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