Luka Luka Night Fever, Extreme Perfect

Recently there is this news that Crypton is hard at work at finalizing what appears to be Luka V3:

Luka V3’s silhouette:


Personally I’m a little worried about the design because she seems to be wearing some extraneous head accessory. And those bumps on her upper arms… well at least she might go sleeveless this time (currently she’s wearing some sort of ‘tights’ on her upper arms like Purple Heart from Neptune series).

But yeah, I’m looking forward to her V3 reveal.

So I went to Project Diva Extend again. This game has quite a number of her appearances: 4 solos (Palette, Stardust Utopia, Just Be Friends and Luka Luka Night Fever) and 1 duet (with Meiko in Colorful X Sexy), and all of them are great.

I perfected Palette before. I tried her other 3 solos but only managed to perfect Luka Luka Night Fever, although I get close with Stardust Utopia (figured out the tricky stream, it’s just a matter of being careful now).


For Just Be Friends, I still need to figure out the tricky stream. It’s dual-wielding of square and circle… but I need to figure out the speed and how many. It also quickly shifts to another stream so there’s no room for error -.-”

One of the tactics that I’ve seen player describe is to watch YouTube play video and examine it (pause, count, etc). Personally I’m not inclined to do it (I think it’s better to figure it out by oneself), but yeah, I might take a look if I can’t really figure it out. But for now no rush.

I don’t dare Colorful X Sexy yet since it’s a 9-star difficulty lol ^^;

Gotta say, in some ways I prefer Luka to Miku since she appears more mature and more ‘graceful’. I especially like the PSP model since I think the shapes and colors are just perfect. Maybe it’s the same case with Vita version but I haven’t been playing F and F2nd recently.

But Miku has the power of twin tail, I guess…


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