Stardust Utopia, Extreme Perfect

Finally managed to perfect this song -.-”


I consider this a lucky run though… I don’t think I can perfect it again next time. In fact, speaking of consistency, I wonder how many Extreme perfects I did that I could actually repeat ^^;

Here I’m feeling happy that I could finally manage to perfect an Extreme song. Meanwhile, in another part of the world, there would be a guy who could perfect it consistently everytime ^^;

Anyway, I really like the dance in the video, especially with Luka’s default costume’s ‘leg tease’ ❤️

Tried to perfect Kodoku No Hate (in fact, I was focusing on this one first). My thumbs would randomly give up halfway. And for some reason I could no longer dual-wield the parts that I could dual-wield consistently before… -.-


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