Here goes another ‘recently’ post (the WordPress’ permalink says that this is the fifth one, lol).

Anime: Wake Up, Girls!


Recently I watched this 12-epidose anime + prequel movie at a rate of one episode a day. I quite like this new lifestyle of watching one anime episode a day (rather than watching several episodes at once) as a reward for the day. I can only do this with completed anime though (I don’t want to wait a week to find out what happens next >.<).

Anyway, this is another anime idol multimedia aka Idolm@ster or LoveLive!. What initially drew me in was the girls don’t really look like anime characters. Well the faces still are, but the hair and eye color choices are pretty subdued. Other animes like to make their characters have starkly different colors and hairstyles in order to differentiate the characters, so seeing one that has more ground-to-earth designs is kinda fresh.

Their experimentations seem to go further. Some characters have similar names (Mayu and Miyu, Minami and Nanami). Usually in other animes they would make the characters have as different names as possible, again to distinguish them more easily.

Although the key scenes look okay, the art can go very bad in certain scenes. Especially some parts of the dance scenes where the animators seem to just trace over real people dancing (bad idea, I think). Not a very good production, but still okay if I look past those.

Overall I enjoyed watching this series. It’s not really dark but it’s also fresh compared to Idolm@ster and LoveLive! Hope there is second season. I think it’s difficult, but I hope this series can stand alongside Idolm@ster and LoveLive! in terms of popularity (it is the third idol anime multimedia I know of).

I think I want to watch Idolm@ster next (one episode a day), followed finally by its movie. The thing is, I watched Idolm@ster halfway and I’m not sure which episode I stopped, so it might be rewatches for first few episodes… ^^;

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

The English version has just been released. I didn’t buy it since I have Japanese version, but it made me pick it up again.

I maxed all the stats of Hanzo characters… except Hibari (and I’ve done Asuka and Yagyuu in the past, so it’s more like I just cleaned up Ikagura and Katsuragi). I don’t know why, but Hibari’s growth seems to be stunted compared to other characters (even though she has gone to a lot of missions as well).





To me, I found that beating the final boss is an efficient way to raise the yin-yang stats (especially while also in the process of trying to get the highest grade in results screen). But since I did get the highest grade in all difficulties with all Hanzo girls, I’m just clearing Hibari’s missions.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend

Winding down playing this game, but still managed to perfect one more Extreme song, at least.


This is a dual-wield song, but the dual-wielding is not as tight. It’s pretty easy and I guess this could be a practice song for identifying different lengths of dual-wield patterns.

My money also reached max that I used it to buy everything in Shop (with max quantities for each ^^;)

What’s next?

Aside from watching Idolm@ster anime one episode a day and trying to max Hibari’s stats, I don’t know…

Looking at my calendar, Super Hero Generation is released on 23rd October. It looks cool but I don’t think I’m going to buy this. I think I have outgrown the concept of buying SRPG games solely for the cool animation attacks ^^;

There’s Oneechanbara Kagura Z2 on 30th October too, but I still don’t have a PS4 and I don’t think I’m buying PS4 for this game (I still haven’t completed the first game’s trophies on PS3 either). If I don’t preorder, I might miss out the exclusive ‘strawberry-and-banana’ costumes… which is no problem! It’s not like I’m going to use them anyway… even I have some standard ^^;

But yeah, I think I should challenge something new, instead of just… ‘cleaning up’ stuffs I have beaten ^^;


3 thoughts on “Recently…

      1. Helu Post author

        Yeah, I would say the anime is mediocre. Quite a number of cliches, convenient plots etc. It’s kinda cool the ‘bad’ characters are not one-dimensional though (with the exception of Sudo from episode 1-2).

        But still, for some reason I grew to want to support WUG lol. Idolm@ster characters (as far as I remember) don’t seem to suffer as much hardships, and LoveLive! is just full of yuri nectar ^^;

        Thanks for the recommendation! *puts it on to-watch list* ^^

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