Anime: Love Live! Season 2, Episode 1

Instead of watching Idolm@ster anime as I planned, I ended up watching Love Live! season 2 episode 1 ^^;

It’s because I realized that Idolm@ster anime has 26 episodes, which is a bigger commitment, and I’ve watched some of its early episodes before.

So instead of potentially rewatching quite a few episodes, why not go with one that I know for sure I’ve never watched before. And I arrived at Love Live! season 2 (13 episodes).

I forgot why I didn’t watch Love Live! season 2 earlier (I did watch season 1)… Maybe I was waiting for it to be completed, but then I forgot about it ^^;

Anyway, my impressions after watching the first episode:

At first I thought the opening sequence was a dream and I was waiting to laugh it off, but it turned out to be partly real; Honoka did become the new student council president! 0.o

Then the rest of the episode is about the mystery of why Honoka doesn’t feel like joining the new Love Live tournament. It turns out to be (iirc) the ‘trauma’ from previous season, where she focused on Love Live so much that she neglected the situation of her good friend Kotori. This is a pretty nice plot; at first I thought it was just something random.

The musical part is embarrassing (and made some characters like Maki out-of-character imo) ^^; but the rain-stopping part is pretty epic X) Because of this scene, it’s pretty much safe to say that Honoka is the most epic leader among anime idols (beating Haruka from Idolm@ster and Mayu from Wake Up, Girls!) (technically the leader of Wake Up, Girls! is Yoshino but… ^^;)


Why is Nozomi also surprised? She’s supposed to be a fortune-teller!

So yeah, it’s pretty well done first episode.

Another reason season 2 feels fresh to me is because the girls have now gotten all buddy-buddy to one another. Back in season 1, there were a lot of annoying scenes where the characters were still stuck-up to one another (especially Eli) ^^;

But learning the scope of the story, I think season 2 is the last season of the anime, unless they have a way to continue the story further…

Anyway, can’t wait to watch episode 2! X)


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