My future first PS4 game, Neptune series poll, Re;Birth 3 opening movie, etc

Thinking of my future first PS4 game

So yeah, I haven’t bought PS4 yet, but I most likely will (unless something really bad happened to me ^^;). I’m just waiting for that one game which I would buy PS4 along with it.

But what’s that game?

It’s not Oneechanbara Kagura Z2 and Omega Quintet as they have been released and I didn’t buy them and PS4.

One thing for sure is that I will have PS4 when Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain arrives; I have never missed out on a single MGS launch ever since MGS3 (and that was because I was still a kid in MGS1-2 era). Phantom Pain is on PS3 as well, but I know the definitive experience would be on PS4.

But maybe there are 1-2 games that I really want to play that is released before Phantom Pain? In that case Phantom Pain might not be my first PS4 game.

After closer inspection to game-release calendar, two titles come to mind: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD or Neptune VII, whichever comes first. Type-0 HD is dated on 19 Mar 2015, while Neptune VII is Spring 2015 (i.e., March – May).

I have been interested in Type-0, so it’s not that I’m jumping into the bandwagon recently; I did play all the demos before the PSP version released and I like the gameplay (the action part, at least; there’s supposedly a strategy part which I still don’t know what it’s about since I’m keeping myself from spoilers). I didn’t buy it because I knew it would be coming to HD one way or another (just like Super Dangan Ronpa 2). I was expecting they would upgrade it to Vita, but they made it for PS4.

As for Neptune VII, I shouldn’t expect much of a quality game from Compile Heart, but yeah, I’m practically a fan of the series due to the characters. Playing new Neptune games is more like a ‘ritual’ than true anticipation compared to say Phantom Pain. But I hope that they have nice surprises for Neptune VII.

Neptune series’ character poll

On 6th November 2014, there will be Neptune series’ character poll, supposedly to determine the next main character of another spin-off game (just like Noire in Chou Megami Shinkou Noire Gekishin Black Heart, creatively named Hyperdevotion Noire in the west).

This is the link:


There are two ways to vote:

– Through the web (from 6 Nov to 4 Dec 18:00 Japan time). You can cast a vote once a day. If my math is to be trusted, that’s maximum 28 votes (if you vote every day, and ‘legally’).

– Through tickets from Dengeki PlayStation (from 30 Oct? to 6 Dec). Basically you can get a ticket if you purchase Dengeki PlayStation vol. 577. One ticket allows you to cast 5 votes. So I guess if you want to cast more votes, you can buy multiple copies ^^;

So yeah, not sure if the two methods are ‘weighted’ differently.

Regarding the characters that you can vote, You can pretty much select all the goddesses and sisters; you can still select Neptune and Noire (even though they have become main characters in the past). The list doesn’t include maker characters except IF and Compa. Interestingly, it includes Dengekiko-chan (but not Famitsu). It also includes the bad guys, and even the new character in VII (Uzume and the joke character Umio).

I think Blanc would win this one, though I personally would vote for Uni ^^; The spin-off most probably would land on Vita platform anyway. A suitable genre for Uni would be third-person shooter ^^

Neptune Re;Birth 3 opening movie

Compile Heart recently released the opening movie of the game:

I’m glad because this song goes back to the style of the very first game’s opening movie, which is more cool than cute (you can even hear the same ‘System Error’ in the beginning, and it even ‘reuses’ some scenes). It’s more ‘Megaman X-ish’ and ‘Kamen Rider-ish’, which I personally prefer. Anyway, I’m glad; it has been the cute style ever since mk2.

You can compare it with the very first game’s opening video:

What I’ve been up to recently?

‘Sorting my life’ lol. In terms of game, I played Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus here and there. I managed to max yin-yang stats of all Hanzo girls. Working on Gessen girls now.


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