Why I no longer play social card games

I do check this blog’s stats from time to time. The number of daily views may be low compared to established blogs, but it’s still surprisingly high for me that personally, I can’t believe it (maybe my blog is visited by robots? ^^;)

Anyway, among other things, the stats show which tags are the most popular. And the tags that rank among the highest are Love Live! School Idol Festival and Schoolgirl Strikers, both of which are ‘mobile card games’ (although Love Live! is a rhythm-game hybrid), and I no longer play both of them.

So yeah, somehow I feel the need to explain (to hopefully my real readers) why I stop playing these games.

1. The service will shut down someday
It’s hard to see this happen to Love Live! in the near future, but many games have shut down service. The first mobage I’m seriously invested my time in, Galaxy Dungeon, is down. Metal Gear Solid Social Ops is down. Neptune Collection is down. And many more which I don’t play. God Eater is down. Nisekoi is shutting down. Wake Up Girls! just shut down. Rockman Xover is shutting down. I wouldn’t say that Senran Kagura New Wave and Schoolgirl Strikers are safe either, though I might be wrong. And when the service is shut down, you can’t no longer access the game, even just to see the cards you’ve collected. Which essentially means that you’ve lost all your progress. And your money if you do spend money in the game.

2. It screws with your real life
After playing mobage for a while, you’ll notice that it’s a waste to let the regenerating AP reach max, so you would perform some action to spend the AP before that happens. In order to do that, you would ‘sneak into’ the game throughout the day. It’s like constant distractions (which fill your mind too). Imagine you’re working in a company and you go to toilet every hour just to jump into the game for a minute or so.

You might say you wouldn’t do it; that you would take your sweet time. That’s what I did, but wait until the game has events with nice cards of beautiful ladies as the main prizes; in these events you usually can break even getting one of the main prizes only if you manage your AP well.

This to me is the most dangerous point, when a game can ‘influence’ you to keep coming back to the game throughout the day. I would rather play my console games where I can decide my own time to play the game.

3. It’s not that deep
This does not apply to all mobile card games, but yeah, I think most of them are just grinding and chasing after the ‘carrots’ and wading through stupid UI. Even the cards, you are often fine with just using automatic configuration.

So yeah, it’s really just those 3 points. Point 2 is the worst, followed by point 1. Point 3 is usually just okay.

To tell you the truth, I still ‘quite’ keep up with this genre from times to times; I thought Grimoire is nice (the setting is a school of mahou shoujos, and Nana Mizuki is one of the voice actresses).


Recently they have Miku Collection too.


And there’s Final Fantasy VII G Bike thing which is a free running hybrid. Not to mention Final Fantasy Agito.

Also the very hot one right now is developed by MistWalker (Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy) called Terra Battle.

But after trying out these games I usually just delete them with no plan of continuing.

But yeah, sorry to anyone expecting more Love Live! SIF and Schoolgirl Strikers posts ^^;

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