Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus can be challenging

Casually this game may seem braindead, but there’s actually a challenge if you want to ‘perfect everything in the game’.

The challenge is in the form of getting the highest ranking on all last chapter missions with every girls in Hard difficulty.

I tried Asuka’s Hard 5-1 mission and the result went like this:


I tried a few more times. The trick seems to be to use desperation mode and as much as possible avoid getting hit. This might be especially harder when there are archers around. You can also avoid unnecessary damage if you know another wave of enemies is coming (by memory) and block their surprise attacks (the next wave is triggered when the last enemy of current wave dies).

Here’s my result:


Another downside of desperation mode is that it’s harder to gain ninja scrolls, but it makes up with how strong the mode is (see the time difference between the first and second results)

So yeah, I’m taking on this challenge. Who knows, I might find it too hard and give up… ^^;


2 thoughts on “Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus can be challenging

  1. Prof.mcstevie

    How does the game control? Does it give you the right tools to achieve its requirements? You can tell a game is poorly made when they ask you for more than the tools at hand can really manage.

    1. Helu Post author

      The game controls smoothly. I think there are enough tools, just that for some Hard missions, need to figure out which tools to use effectively in order to get the highest ranking ^^


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