Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Hanzo Clear

Managed to get the highest ranking on every missions in all difficulties with every Hanzo girls:






Screenshots are for last chapter in Hard difficulty with each girl, probably the trickiest part in Hard.

So yeah, along with maxing their levels and yin-yang stats, I’m essentially done with Hanzo school and I can move on to other schools.

The only other things I can do with Hanzo girls are things like ‘count-stopping’ their experience points to 9999999, but nah…


I was thinking to move on to Gessen, but I chose Homura group instead, since Hanzo and Homura group are the ‘original’ Senran Kagura cast.

I managed to get the highest ranking on every missions in all difficulties with Homura (just one girl).

For Homura group, the tricky part is actually not the last chapter but chapter 2, where there are these turtle enemies that keep blocking (Homura’s triangle attack without charging can apparently break their guards easily, not sure about other characters) and the time allowed to get highest ranking is rather strict (3 minutes?).


Chapter 2-4 especially feels like the balance is not right. So many waves (and with blocking enemies) and yet so little time to get the highest ranking?

So far with Homura, the trick is to use desperation mode, while somehow gaining at least 2 ninja scrolls (like from item boxes), and kill the enemies quickly (without getting hit). When the boss appears, Homura’s second special attack can kill the boss in one hit (not sure about other characters but hopefully they can too).

Guess I’ll try Yomi next.


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