Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Homura Team Clear


Managed to clear Homura team.

Just to review, my definition of clear is:

  • Maxed everyone to level 50
  • Maxed everyone’s yin-yang stats
  • Get highest ranking on all story missions in both Normal and Hard difficulties
  • Get highest ranking on all arcade missions as well

The tricky part of Homura team’s story missions is actually not the last chapter, but chapter 2-4.

It is a mission originally meant for Hikage, who arguably is the fastest character in the game. This mission has a lot of waves and there are enemies who guard, making the clear time even longer. Yet it seems that it has to be done under 2 minutes 30 seconds and without taking too much damage. Desperation mode is a must.

The ones that I especially have trouble beating this mission with highest ranking is Yomi and Haruka, because they’re slow character. But it can be done; I just need to capitalize on the power-up drops, the ‘dash-attack-dash-attack’ patterns and using crowd-clearing special attacks.

Apparently the enemy’s guard can be broken by keep hitting on them; it takes like 2-3 hits in desperation mode. But some characters’ triangle attacks can kill them faster (Homura’s triangle attack doesn’t need to be charged for example).

So yeah, I’m left with Gessen and New Hebijou now. I’m thinking to clear New Hebijou first so that I can save Gessen for the last (there are various ways to look at Gessen; you can think of them as the new antagonists for Hanzo team in Versus series, or the new protagonists).

I’m curious what are the challenges in Gessen and New Hebijou; Hanzo was last chapter, Homura team was chapter 2-4…

But yeah, the challenges are what make the game more interesting and not brain-dead, so I welcome them (as long as they are not frustatingly hard… ^^;)

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