Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Miyabi Clear

So yeah, I’ve now started working under a large corporation (Fortune 500 even) and there’s much I need to absorb (it’s not just a boring desk job) that I can’t really afford to play games for a long period now.

But I think I can still play a bit, as relaxation at the end of day’s work. I just gotta balance it out so that video games don’t occupy my mind much of the time and also disrupt my sleeping patterns.

After all, one of the reasons I start working is so that I can afford more games in the future (including buying PS4 system and maybe a good TV X) ) (of course it’s not the only reason and it’s not the highest order bit ^^;)

Anyway, I managed to get the highest ranking in every missions and difficulties with Miyabi (I was in the progress of clearing New Hebijou girls) (before I start working I’m just left with a few missions so this is more like a clean-up).

The only mission with strict timing requirement in Hard difficulty I find for New Hebijou girls is chapter 3-5, but it’s nothing desperation mode can’t solve. The difficulty depends on whether the character’s triangle attack can easily kill the guarding enemies. No problem with Miyabi so far (and Murasaki).

Guess I’m clearing Murasaki next.


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