Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Imu Clear

Huh, apparently managed to get highest ranking on all missions and difficulties with Imu without too much difficulty…

It really feels like speed is king in this game. Imu’s normal attacks are weak, her normal attack range is short, but she’s fast (she can even continually dash). She also benefits from her crowd-clearing special attack being the first one, which only uses 1 ninja scroll. Her triangle attack is not bad either and can break the enemy’s guard without charging.

While playing Imu, I also aimed to make some of the girls fully naked lol ^^; (since I seem to have extra time to get the highest ranking). The easiest way to do it is to ‘blast’ the character to air two times, making them completely in underwear. Then keep doing Limit Break until my health is low and unleash the third special attack (5 ninja scrolls) to finish them off (I don’t usually do this since it’s kinda a pain to keep doing Limit Breaks…).






Personally though, the scenes are too fast… the poses seem too similar to one another too. Wish there’s a pose where the girl raises her arms above her head, but I haven’t found it yet.

So yeah, I’m left with Ryouna and Ryoubi for New Hebijou. I’ve a bad feeling that Ryouna might encounter some difficulties in Hard mode. If I remember correctly, Ryoubi is quite a strong character.


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