Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Murasaki Clear

Managed to get highest ranking on all missions and difficulties with Murasaki.

It’s more difficult than Miyabi. I think it’s because Murasaki is slower and weaker (she makes it up with wider attack reach, but I think it’s not enough). Her 360 radius special attack also has smaller range than Miyabi (her triangle attack is short reaching too).

The difficulty I encountered especially lies in chapter 4-3 where all 3 types of beast ninjas can appear at once; I need her to be in desperation mode to be fast, yet she keeps getting scratched by the white ones. To avoid getting hit, it’s really ‘dash-attack-dash-attack’ tactic. A lot of ninja scroll management too (I kill the boss Yomi without her being able to do anything by unleashing first special attack immediately, followed by rushing to her and unleashing second special attack; so I need 3 scrolls before the boss encounter).

I foresee I have to repeat the same experience with the remaining 3 New Hebijou characters… it often boils down to how good their special attacks are.

I like her expressions though. It’s like yandere, but not really yandere (more like full of negative thoughts).


I think Her doll (Bebetan?) is kind of inspired from Kumamon:


Anyway, it’s Imu next, and if I remember correctly, her special attacks are not very good… -.-” But I shall see.


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