Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Ryoubi Clear

Managed to get the highest ranking in all missions and difficulties with Ryoubi.

Didn’t encounter too much difficulty. Her defense is the highest among New Hebijou girls so she doesn’t receive as much damage even in desperation mode.

Her breasts change size after transforming to ninja form lol:


In upcoming Estival Versus, there’ll be a granny who transforms to young lady in ninja form, so it’s not the end of the weirdness.

Also, all the Hanzo girls’ full break:






There are a few ‘outlier’ poses like Asuka’s… but yeah, notice how the poses are too similar to one another? ^^;

It’s Ryouna next… the last New Hebijou girl I haven’t cleared. But I guess I should wind down for now ^^;

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