Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Clear


After progressing bit by bit, this day has finally come.

Managed to ‘clear’ the game, which means:

– All characters maxed
– All missions cleared (with every possible characters) with highest ranking on both Normal & Hard difficulties
– All items purchased & unlocked etc

After Ryoubi in previous post, the characters I cleared were Ryouna > Yumi > Minori > Shiki > Murakumo > Yozakura. So yeah, Yozakura is the last character I had to clear.


I picked Minori first because I had ‘presentiment’ that she’s going to be difficult to clear, which turned out to be true. She has trouble killing the guarding enemies and desperation mode is like a must.

But she’s a cute character so it’s not really frustrating ^^;


In contrast, Yozakura is the guarding enemies killer with her earthquake attack lol.

p.s. Minori’s charge attack is special because you can’t charge it. Once she puts a candy into the bucket, you’re supposed to attack enemies until the bucket grows bright. Press triangle to release powerful star attacks.

If there are things left to do with the game, that would be to ‘improve’ some numbers in the stats like below, but nah.

I had difficulty clearing Minori and Murasaki, which is why they rank 1st on number of deployment lol

I had difficulty clearing Minori and Murasaki (and Yomi), which is why they rank 1st on number of deployment lol

Also, the multiplayer component (I think I only touched it once ^^;)

Oh yeah, I also didn’t buy Daidouji & Rin characters… so it’s ‘clear’ in a sense without purchasing additional DLCs… ^^;


Gotta say I had fun with the game. It seems braindead at first but the later missions in Hard difficulty can be a challenge if you want to get the highest ranking.

And in terms of ‘musou games’, I think Shinovi Versus has superior battle system than any musou games out there (but well, the last Dynasty Warriors I played was 8 (7 in Japan)). I mean, this game even has air chase, parry, combo escape, mode etc.

Next time I play Koei Tecmo musou games I should try the harder difficulties and see if they actually offer interesting challenges like this game… I’m probably just gonna be sniped to death by the archers though ^^;

Dekamori Senran Kagura

I planned to buy Dekamori Senran Kagura package version (available this 27 Nov) on day 1, but now I’m still undecided. It’s like I don’t want to buy another game ‘yet I have to clear’ (especially now that I have just cleared one) and instead focus on my existing games.

Estival Versus

It’s most likely I’m gonna get this game (March 26 next year). Problem is: PS4 or PS Vita version? (No way I’m buying both).

I’m leaning toward PS4 version because it’s 60fps and uses new character models. PS Vita version is most likely not 60fps, reuses the old character models and might have performance issues.

But I do have to solve the problem of how I’m going to play this game without being spotted by my family ^^; Currently the TV I can connect PS3/PS4 to is in living room. Either I should buy a TV for my room or play in the middle of the night (like a ninja) ^^;

Estival Versus has 5 new characters (bringing a total of 27 characters). It doesn’t seem a lot, and I’m wondering if they would release a ‘director’s cut’ in the future…

What’s next?

I don’t know… gotta say in terms of gaming, I kinda give up on ‘planning’. It seems my motivation or whatever it is ‘has a mind on its own’. Like, I never have expected to go to great lengths to ‘go beyond platinum’ and clear Shinovi Versus.

Instead of planning things and then ‘doing things I don’t feel like’, I’ll just follow my mood and whims from now on ^^;


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