Picking up Senran Kagura Burst again

So yeah, my next game after clearing Shinovi Versus is rather unsurprisingly Senran Kagura Burst.


I bought this one quite some time ago and managed to beat Hebijou story mode. I also have the first 3DS game but this game kinda made it obsolete since this game contains the improved first game (and I haven’t ‘cleared’ the first game – not to the extreme). I’m kinda ‘irked’ by the release strategy which is why I haven’t bought Senran Kagura 2 yet.

I’m thinking if I can clear this one, I have ‘more room to breathe’ to get Senran Kagura 2, Bon Appetit, or even upcoming Estival Versus.

I think it’s gonna take a while. I also might stop halfway and change to another game when I found it too boring.

Anyway, just managed to clear all missions using Homura.

There’s one mission I didn’t get highest ranking yet because that mission would require the efforts of all ninja girls, and some of them are not leveled up yet.

I also haven’t cleared all Homura missions in desperation mode (my strategy is to level up first using normal form to increase defense first).

It might be just my feeling but I think it’s harder to level up in Burst (compared to the first 3DS game). Also I think they spiked up the difficulty of the game, especially later missions. I was using Guren form of Homura, who is overpowered, so it was okay, but I’m worried when it’s time to use other characters… ^^;

In fact, I think the hardest challenge in this game would be to beat all missions with every characters in desperation mode (since it’s very easy to get killed in this mode). Unlike Shinovi Versus, there’s no block and parry, and enemies attack instantly with no warning.

So yeah, I think overcoming this challenge is a different kind of ball game. I just have to see how interesting/frustrating it is…


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