Senran Kagura 100% Titles

Managed to get every titles in the game:


This includes tasks such as clearing all missions with every characters, seeing every boss’ ninja arts, etc.

This also means that I’ve unlocked every gallery images and every clothing items.

P.s., this is not Senran Kagura Burst btw but the first 3DS game, which doesn’t have western release. I realized that I’m closer to clearing everything in this game compared to Burst (Burst contains the improved version of this game, after all).


If you think this is quite a feat (of skill), let me tell you a dirty little secret: in the first game, when you’re in Yin mode, you can abuse the hell out of Limit Break (this changed in Burst). The first game is generally easier than Burst; there aren’t even any big enemies aside from fatso (and fatso doesn’t even use the stomach attack consistently).

So yeah, it’s actually more grinding than anything else.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve 100% cleared this game though. What’s left is to get highest ranking in every missions with every characters (I didn’t do it because it wasn’t required to get 100% titles) (I’ve only done it with Katsuragi). I particularly haven’t done a lot of missions with Daidouji, since beating all missions with her isn’t required (I did max her though).


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