Senran Kagura Burst, Homura maxed

Just maxed Homura to level 50.


I found an advice which is to keep playing mission 4-11. Kill as many enemies as possible (that means don’t keep beating the dead enemies to let new enemies appear) while also keeping the combo.

In 2 minutes (that’s the mission time limit), I can get around 90,000 experience points (so it’s 45,000 experience points/min). I think not many missions can give this much experience points/min. Getting to level 50 is still quite slow to my preference though -_-;

Even though Homura reached level 50, it’s apparently not enough to breeze through the last few missions in chapter 5 in Frantic mode for me (yep, I’m using the official English term now – had been calling it ‘desperation mode’ lol ^^;)

Looking at the in-game achievements, it appears I don’t need to use the same character for clearing all missions in Frantic mode to get the achievement.

It is said that the best character for Frantic mode is Rin (since she’s overpowered character), although it’s not hard to imagine Mirai being another strong contender since she can just snipe from afar? (though I haven’t actually tried it)

So yeah, instead of clearing every missions in Frantic mode with Homura, I think I’m going to focus on unlocking the rest of in-game achievements I haven’t unlocked first, which most can naturally be gotten by maxing the rest of the characters.

The 2 ‘unnatural’ trophies I’ve seen so far are 1) beating all bosses with special and 2) seeing all bosses’ specials. I think I’m going to take some notes about the boss appearances when I go through the missions.

I guess I’ll start with Yomi…


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