Senran Kagura Clear & Senran Kagura Burst Reset

Managed to get the highest ranking in every missions with every characters.


Apparently the ranking row in the screen above doesn’t indicate number of times you get the ranking,  but the ‘number of different missions’ where you get the ranking. There are 70 missions and 6 characters, so 70 x 6 = 420. You might be wondering why it’s 419 there, and that’s because there’s one mission that Daidouji can’t participate in. So yeah, the max values for all rankings in ranking row should be 419. But it begs the question: how are we supposed to know which missions we have or haven’t gotten the okay ranking for example? ^^;

But yeah, I’m done with this game. Another game cleared from my game collection (which I managed to keep still until perhaps the release of Neptune Re;Birth 3 a few weeks from now). Everything’s cleared and unlocked, the rest is just increasing meaningless values.

It might seem like a big grind, but the thing about the first game (in contrast to Burst) is that when you clear a mission in Frantic mode, you get both Frantic ranking and the usual ranking (instead of just Frantic ranking). So you potentially don’t have to clear a mission twice (unless you didn’t get the highest ranking). Add abusable Limit Break and quite a number of missions are short boss fights, it is not as bad as Burst (Burst is at least 4 times the size of first game’s grind, because there are two schools and you have to clear each mission at least twice).

You might be wondering why I played Burst initially but moved to this game. The thing is, I think I made a mistake in Burst. I had maxed all Hebijou girls’ yin stat too early. Apparently in Burst, once you have maxed yin stat, the Frantic mode is locked to Inran mode where your defense drops to 1/10 (normal Frantic mode defense is 1/5), making some of the later missions, particularly 5-10, very difficult to clear.

I think the right way to be able to ‘clear’ Burst eventually is to not use Frantic mode in the beginning at all; save it until the difficult missions in last chapters (especially the non-story ones). The yin gauge then becomes like a finite resource where you’re allowed to have 1/5 defense in Frantic mode instead of 1/10 (you have to figure out which missions to use 1/5 Frantic mode).

The decision to reset is kinda difficult to make, but yeah, I’d rather be able to eventually clear Burst (clear every missions with every characters with both Frantic and highest ranking) than try to do almost impossible and frustrating challenges of clearing the last missions in Frantic mode with 1/10 defense ^^; (and resign with uncleared game if I give up). I’m also ‘relatively’ not too far ahead since I only managed to max Homura.

Though I’m still unsure if I should move to Burst right away… ^^; (maybe I should play different game first)


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