Recently, my future gaming setup and Hanayamata

Still playing Senran Kagura Burst 3DS while waiting for Neptune Re;Birth 3 Vita, which would be released 18th December and should arrive to my place on 20th.

I’m also thinking to ‘upgrade’ my ‘gaming setup’, although it’s not like I’ve ever had one ^^; Normally I just play console systems connected to the 46″ TV in living room while I play portable systems in couch.

I think this whole thought pretty much started from realizing that I’m going to buy Senran Kagura Estival Versus next year (PS4 version rather than Vita version, since it is 60fps and has better graphics) and there’s no way I’m going to play it in the living room ^^;


Even Oneechanbara Kagura Z, I had to play it in the middle of the night or something ^^;

Anyway, the setup that I had in mind is not much; basically PS4 + 24″ monitor + new table. No chair because my room is small; I actually just sit on the edge of my bed when using my current table ^^;


So yeah, I actually still don’t have a PS4 yet. Waiting for the games I want (Neptune VII, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Senran Kagura Estival Versus, Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain etc) before buying it.


The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition sure brings back memories (I’ve started with PlayStation since PSOne). But I don’t know if I can get my hands on it, and even if I can, I’m sure I have to pay unreasonably high prices. So yeah, I think I’m not getting it and just stick to the timeless black PS4.

24″ Gaming Monitor

In my workplace I use 24″ monitor, so I know it’s the right size for me. 27″ is a little too big especially when it’s right in front of you ^^;

So I’m looking for monitor with 60Hz refresh rate (max for console systems) but more importantly short input lag and response time. And I’ve been eyeing at BenQ RL2460HT:


Or BenQ RL2455HM, which essentially has the same screen technology as RL2460HT but with lower quality external build and missing some extra features.

I’m not a ‘color’ person so I’m not worried about color reproduction (TN vs IPS panels), especially since I’m going to face the screen straight in front anyway.

I just want a speedy monitor so that I can play for example Project Diva games without perceivable lag. Such lagless experience would be an upgrade from my 46″ living room TV.

It’s hard to get my hands on RL2460HT in my area though. If I can’t find it at a decent price, I might have to settle for RL2455HM. The thing I like about RL2460HT is that its circular base doesn’t take as much space.

Maybe I should wait for a ‘tech show’, which would be in March next year (it’s also around the time the games I’m interested start coming). They might offer RL2460HT in lower prices (I regrettably missed one in November).

New Table

My current table has pretty small surface area (since it has separate side rack) that it pretty much fits only my 15″ Retina MacBook Pro with little space left over on both sides. Buying a bigger table is like a must if I want to place 24″ gaming monitor and PS4 along with my laptop ^^;

Ikea’s Linnmon (length 200cm x width 60cm) tabletop with 5 Adils legs (height 70cm) combination looks good:


And it doesn’t cost a bomb as well.

I think for this table I can buy it now and use it as my usual laptop table in the meantime ^^;

I need to figure out how to throw away my current table though…

Wired connection

I’m currently using Wi-Fi connection for my laptop so… the connection might bite me someday when playing multiplayer on PS4 (like the new Metal Gear Online) etc.

I think I might have to look for ‘network cabling’ services in order to install network port in my room but not sure how much it’s gonna cost… (I don’t even know how they would accomplish it since the ‘hub’ is in the living room, and there’s another room between my room and the living room…)


As for my ‘one anime episode a day’ program, after I’m finished with Idolm@ster I moved on to To Love-Ru (not Darkness) which for some reason I’ve never watched… for one episode only (I think Darkness is so much more interesting than the ‘vanilla’ To Love-Ru) (I’ve not watched Darkness either, I was planning to marathon from vanilla to Darkness, but the number of episodes makes it feel like a big time investment).

So I switched to Hanayamata (only 12 episodes) and I think I made a good choice.


It’s basically K-On! but the members don’t fool around as much ^^;

The reason why I choose to watch idol anime such as Wake Up, Girls!, LoveLive!, Idolm@ster and now Hanayamata is so that I feel good, full of hope, positive etc, which I think is important especially after a day’s work.

So yeah, I consciously avoid anime that would make depressed ^^;

Anyway, I dig this anime’s opening and ending song. I also like the art style (particularly the way they draw the eyes). I also like all the girl characters and it’s hard to pick a favorite ^^;


3 thoughts on “Recently, my future gaming setup and Hanayamata

  1. Prof.mcstevie

    Man I need some more just positive and cheery experiences in my gaming and anime space. I’m getting too critical me thinks, gotta find JUST the right sweetspot to enjoy anything.

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