My gaming setup progress, part 1

In my previous post, I talked about my ideal future gaming setup. The ultimate goal is to be able to play my most anticipated PS4 games (such as Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain) in my room (instead of living room) in near future.

Well, I’ve taken some steps toward that future.

First off, I bought Ikea’s Linnmon’s table top (200cm version) + Adils legs:


Setup is easy, especially since my dad helped out. I like the minimalist design and it’s very spacious. I think I can even set aside one side for study ^^;

All this is for US$62.50, which I think is a good deal (especially since I thought I would have to spend hundreds). I read that the material, which is fiberboard, isn’t very good, but I just have to take good care of it (especially try to be careful not to make scratches on the surface since it’s white ^^;)

Next, for fast Internet connection in my room (which might be needed for multiplayer gaming like Metal Gear Online), I previously thought of having a service company do Ethernet outlet installation in my room, but I scraped the idea because it might be costly and more complicated than I thought (like tearing down the walls etc).

Instead, I learned about the godsent existence of powerline adapters.

The one that I bought is TP-Link’s TL-PA4010PKIT:


I got this kit (meaning a pair of them together) with electical passthrough (so I don’t have to sacrifice the power outlet) for US$52.00. This product is not really available worldwide (and in Europe, it’s essentially TL-PA451KIT) but I think I got a pretty good deal.

Setup is a snap. It’s really just connect, connect, and it works ^^;

But the question is: does it really work? I still can’t get my hands on my ideal 24″ monitor, so I borrowed my brother’s 27″ TV and set up my PS3 in my room.

This is the connection speed of PS3 in my room when using Wi-Fi:


Using powerline adapter, there’s a modest improvement:


The download speed is almost tripled, and powerline connection is supposedly more stable than Wi-Fi, so I think I improved the connection quality to some extent at least. The rest is just getting better speed from ISP (though it might not be needed, unless my upload speed proves not to be sufficient) (I might want to do some streaming especially with PS4, but I’m not committed to it yet).

I tried going to PlayStation Store and was able to download 500MB Godzilla demo under 2 minutes. Another good sign that the connection isn’t so bad.

So yeah, I’m pretty much left with a monitor and PS4 now (which I would not get before the PS4 games I want to buy are released).

My brother’s 27″ TV also pretty much confirmed me that 27″ is too big if I were planning to play by sitting in front of the monitor. On the other hand, it’s a pretty good size if I were to sit on my bed at the other side of the room.

FullSizeRender 4

But I think I’m gonna play by sitting in front of the monitor more (since I’m planning to use the table to surf Internet on my laptop or take notes while playing etc), so I think 24″ monitor is more suitable for me. The 27″ also took more space of my table than what I’m content with.

Btw, I tried playing Project Diva F with my brother’s 27″ monitor and I think there’s some lag – even in Game Mode. This is just me, but I think the problem with Samsung TV/monitors is more like they have audio delay (which I somehow fixed for the 46″ Samsung TV in my living room). The reason I think so is because visually (without audio) I think I hit the notes accurately, but not when I try to ‘follow the music’.

I’m not sure if I need a headset. I tried connecting my earphones to the TV and I hear some static noise. Maybe it depends on the TV/monitor. And the earphones cable was too short but then again maybe that’s because I needed to move further from 27″ TV.

Another thing is cable management, but yeah, I guess that’s it for now ^^;

Money spent so far: US$114.50


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