My gaming setup progress, part 2: wireless stereo headset

Before there were PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset & PlayStation Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition, there was the original PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset.


This was something I bought a long time ago on impulse, but I stopped using it because I found myself using the living room TV’s adequate speakers instead. Then I made a mistake of putting it under the sun, which caused damage to the leather* as it tore apart! After that, whenever I wore this headset, my hair, the sofa and the floor around me would get dirty from tiny black leather pieces. It’s tearing apart and yet it’s hard to remove completely.

* I say leather but I actually don’t know the exact material, but it’s basically the thin most outer layer that protects the inner part of headband and the earcups etc.

Until today ^^;

I talked about throwing it away and replacing it with another headset. My mum said it’s a waste and offered me to peel off the tearing leather. And she really did it while I was out for work. Thanks mum ^^;

So yeah, I think I no longer have to buy a replacement (my original intention of using wireless headset connected to USB dongle was to avoid static noise if I were to connect wired earphone to headphone jack of TV/monitor. And I don’t want to make noise in my room with TV/monitor built-in speakers either).

The sound quality is okay, I think. I wish it were a little more rich in bass, but it’s fine.

If you’re wondering, the difference between this original headset and Gold headset (aside from design and sound quality which I don’t know) is that Gold headset features male-to-male headphone jack, which allows it to be used as normal wired headset for Vita etc. Original headset is strictly wireless using the USB dongle.

And the difference between Gold headset and Pulse headset (again, aside from design and sound quality) is that Pulse headset’s USB dongle has a headphone jack, which can be connected male-to-male with MP3 player etc so you can then listen music on the headset wirelessly (the USB dongle needs to be powered though). Gold headset’s USB dongle doesn’t have a headphone jack, so you can only either listen wirelessly if the source accepts USB dongle, or wired otherwise.

I’m left with a monitor and PS4 now for my ‘gaming setup’…

I found an online shop that sells BenQ RL2460HT cheap, but it’s a little shady. Meanwhile, I found shops selling refurbished PlayStation 3D Display for cheap. PlayStation 3D Display is known to be a ‘defective product’ (try googling ‘PlayStation 3D Display eeprom’). I’m wondering by refurbished did they actually fix and replace the eeprom before reselling it (sounds too good to be true… ^^;)

Advantage of BenQ RL2460HT is low input lag and low response time (apparently the secret behind the low 1GtG response time is the BenQ’s ‘AMA’ mode). PlayStation 3D Display on the other hand seems to have better colors and can watch 3D content.

Disadvantage of PlayStation 3D Display is that its input lag is probably higher (hopefully still good enough to play Project Diva), and it might die on me randomly one day ^^;

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Money spent so far: still US$114.50

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