My gaming setup progress, part 3: BenQ RL2460HT monitor

Managed to get my hands on BenQ RL2460HT monitor, the 24-inch Full HD 60Hz TN Panel with 1ms GtG (gray-to-gray) response time and around only 10ms input lag.


I must say, I definitely feel the difference. I inserted Project Diva F disc into PS3, played Melancholic on Hard, and got Perfect on my first try X)

初音ミク -Project DIVA- F

The game feels as responsive as when I was playing the Vita version if not more (the only downside is that my PS3 controller buttons have become kind of sticky since I have not used it for some time).

Anyway, I would like to talk a bit about how I got my hands on this monitor.

I bought it from online shop It’s currently selling the monitor for US$217.22 and more importantly for me, the shipping was free! (The shipping has now changed to $19.99 to my country. I guess they made a mistake but stuck with it and I was lucky)

Even the tech shows in my country couldn’t offer this monitor at such low price. Look at Sitex 2014 promotion which I missed (fortunately in hindsight):

Benq Monitors BL2455HM RL2460HT XL2411Z XL2420Z XL2720Z

S$338 = US$270.34, so I still got it for US$53.12 cheaper.

And in normal times, it’s even worse. A pretty famous shop that sells BenQ products quoted me S$429.00 (US$343) which is ridiculous because I could buy from Amazon US, pay for expensive shipping, and yet the total is still lower than that price.

Now, about Linke Computer itself… the online store seems shady at first, although it’s certified McAfee Secure. It’s apparently from Hong Kong. Not only that, they never replied my email and even their customer service number is no longer in use. I was afraid I got scammed until I found its Facebook page.

Its Facebook page is still lively, and it received 11,300+ likes. So yeah, I sighed a breath of relief. Anyway, today I called the phone number on Facebook page (so yeah, I made an international call) and someone picked it up. Luckily we could communicate in English. I asked him about my order and he told me that he had shipped it and that I could even expect it to arrive today (Tuesday, I ordered last Friday).

Sure enough, when I went home today this monitor had arrived! So the shipping only took 5 days. It arrived even faster than my video game (Neptune Re;Birth 3 Vita) which shipped last Wednesday but hasn’t arrived yet (even though this monitor is supposedly just using normal air mail while the game is EMS).

So yeah, the store is not shady after all. I think they just lack manpower. Their mail server is probably down, and they even forgot to update their customer service number. So the only way to communicate with them is to make an international call using the number on their Facebook page. The online store is probably just their side business, while they’re probably a small but popular retail store in Hong Kong, given the number of likes they received in their Facebook page.

I think I made a right decision getting this monitor instead of getting the refurbished PlayStation 3D Display which supposedly has better color, 3D capability but around 40ms input lag (for S$198 or US$ 158.36). I must say, I have no qualm about the colors of BenQ RL2460HT at all. I think they are more than amazing enough.

Anyway, to complete my gaming setup, I just need a PS4 now. The earliest to-be-released game I want to buy is God Eater 2 Rage Burst, which would be released on 19 Feb 2015 (though I might change my mind and not buy this game, since I already played the vanilla version on Vita after all).

In the meantime, I’ll probably use the monitor to play PS3 games ^^


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