Recently: Dreamy Theater 2nd, Dead Or Alive 5, new gaming lifestyle

These past few days I have been switching between DOA5 (yep, Dead Or Alive 5) and Dreamy Theater 2nd.

For Dreamy Theater 2nd, I’m left with the following songs to Extreme perfect: Just Be Friends (need to ‘figure out’ the tricky part), Miracle Paint, Hato, Saihate, Kocchi Muite Baby and Hatsune Miku No Gekishou (so 6 of them, though Gekishou is probably still impossible for me).

I tried clearing Gekishou but yeah (there’s a trophy for just clearing all Extreme songs), it’s still too fast for me -_- According to an expert player (taikhou in GameFAQs aka LittleVx3 in YouTube) the speed you have to attain for each finger during dual-wielding the fast part is basically the speed of one-hand pressing the fast part in Hard. My right hand could apparently keep up, but maybe not my left hand, which is causing the drop in combo. So I guess I have to practice being able to perfect Gekishou in Hard with left hand only first…

As for Dead Or Alive 5, at first I just wanted to see it in my new monitor (part of my test to see how well fighting games fare on my new lag-free monitor) but I never expected that I would continue playing it. To be honest, I’m indeed considering about getting Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round on PlayStation 4 because I like Momiji and so is the new character Marie Rose ^^;

The graphics look excellent in my monitor. The colors are great; I’m not quite sure why people keep saying that TN panel colors look bad, it sure exceeded my expectations. I guess comparing between TN and IPS panel colors is like comparing between Standard and Dynamic preset modes in TV. Dynamic is more vibrant, but I tend to use Standard anyway.

Fighting is also very smooth; because of my lag-free monitor I can even react to enemy’s attacks and perform the right hold (but not every time of course ^^;)

I’m still not a big fan of DOA gameplay though. Basically in this game you can get stunned a lot, where the only thing you can do while ‘critically stunned’ is to try to counter enemy’s attack. The game does feel more like Virtua Fighters than Tekken, which is why Virtua Fighter guest characters can fit in this game. I also finally understood the new gameplay system Critical Burst and Power Blow. I still prefer Tekken which is somehow more simple though.

Anyway, I managed to finally unlock the secret character Alpha-152 and the rest of trophies that were held back because she wasn’t unlocked. Now I’m pretty much left with online trophies (which is pretty much dead, so I’m not hopeful I can get them, not forgetting PSN is down because of hackers’ attacks >.<) and the arduous tasks of completing every Time Attack Tag and Survival difficulties (and getting Costumes).

If anyone wants to help each other with online trophies, I’m all for it ^^; I managed to send a Throwdown challenge, but I still don’t have the trophies for accepting and fighting Throwdown challenges 10 and 50 times >.<

I’m glad I skipped Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate. I learned that DOA5U trophies are easy in comparison to DOA5, so I hope they continue the trend in Last Round ^^;

I gotta say, console gaming in my own room feels different than in living room. Aside from having to share TV, in living room I sit in a couch and somehow the experience of playing console game is like watching a movie, only actively. In my own room, with 24″ monitor on the table and I’m sitting in front of the table, it’s somehow more immersive and more… serious. I can also take down notes and ‘research’ with laptop next to me.

Now I might actually prefer PS3/PS4 over handheld like Vita or 3DS. The reason why I preferred Vita and 3DS is because they were the only way I could play anytime in my room (yep, I don’t really bring these handhelds around and play them outside ^^;). Now that I can play PS3 (and in future PS4) in my room, with better visual, better frame rate, better controller and better connection speed (not forgetting awesome lag free monitor), it’s hard to see the advantage of buying Vita version over PS3/PS4 version ^^;

I’m thinking of putting my PS3 in the box once I have a PS4 though. Can’t imagine having both of them on my table… ^^;

But yeah, I guess my gaming lifestyle is changing… ^^;


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