Dreamy Theater 2nd Extreme Perfects

Managed to perfect my remaining songs on Extreme (with the exception of Gekishou).

Out of these songs, the ones that gave me the most trouble were Saihate and Just Be Friends.

I remember perfecting Saihate on Extreme before on PSP version, but that time I kinda ‘cheated’ by ‘buffering’ the double notes. This time I did it ‘legit’ ^^;

初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター 2nd_3

I wouldn’t say this song is hard but for some reason my fingers tend to give up randomly on double note parts ^^;

Just Be Friends is one of the songs I never managed to perfect on Extreme on PSP version before (along with Migikata No Chou and maybe Voice), so this is actually my first time perfecting it T-T

初音ミク -Project DIVA- ドリーミーシアター 2nd_4

I finally learned how to do the tricky part (self-learn, without watching online videos). It’s composed of three parts: slow circle-square, fast circle-square and  triple double-square notes.  For the slow circle-square part can just use one hand, but for the fast circle-square part I dual-wield by pressing circle button and left d-pad. Need to be careful on transitioning between three parts (by sound and the 60fps also makes it not too difficult).

So yeah, Gekishou is the last thing I would need to overcome… -.-;


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