Post office lost my EMS shipping item

I need to get something out of the way; you might wonder why I have not made any post about Neptune Re;Birth 3 yet.

That’s because I still haven’t received my Neptune Re;Birth 3. According to the EMS tracking status which says it has been delivered, a postman scum supposedly delivered on Tuesday 23rd Dec 7pm. But I was at home at that time and never heard a knock. It’s almost 2 weeks now and it’s pretty much safe to say that the item has been lost. I keep calling the post office on non-holidays asking for resolution and finally compensation, but they keep trying to stall; they’re ‘requesting’ and waiting ‘from another department’ for a proof of delivery. That’s all they’re doing (they dare call this ‘investigation’ and for some reason the ‘other department’ has not given them any reply despite repeated requests).

Yeah right, if you can’t produce a proof of delivery 1-2  days after the item has been delivered, it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t take much to think. It’s not hard to imagine that due to hurry, the postman doesn’t ask anyone to sign; he simply drops it in front of the house and moreover, a wrong house. Yet I have to deal with brainless fucking professional liar customer service scums who keep up with their ‘your call is important to us’ antics and keep asking me to wait for another day, yet another day -_-

Time moves on you know. I need to buy the game again if the item is really lost you know. Not forgetting I pretty much missed the preorder bonus which is a bonus in-game event and I’m under Compile Heart’s discretion to someday make the preorder gift available as DLC. And all these things wouldn’t have happened to me, such as keep calling them, going to post office etc, and negative emotional states etc, had the postman delivered it correctly. Even if they compensate the item in the end, would they compensate my cost, my time, my emotional damage? I doubt it.

At times like this, I really want to find the postman; the fucker who obviously couldn’t wait for his holiday and did a sloppy work; and inflict pain: make him lay on the floor, and curb stomp his head as hard as I can so it bursts like a watermelon.


That’s the peak of how angry I was, and I’m still trying to quench it. As a quote in MGSV trailer said:


So I’m going out to swim, run or something.

But yeah, it’s times like this that made me understand how powerless I am. I kinda understand now why some people ‘desire power’.

The only thing I can do is curse the postman that someday, he would also greatly suffer due a stranger committing an avoidable mistake due to sloppiness.

Sorry for the negative post ^^;


10 thoughts on “Post office lost my EMS shipping item

  1. WingedHao

    Sorry to hear about that. But what game did you order? There was one time nobody was at my home and the postman left the item at the top of my house window. :/

    1. Helu Post author

      It’s Neptune Re;Birth 3 T.T

      So I pretty much can kiss the preorder bonus (extra in-game event) good-bye, unless Compile Heart released it one day.

      The post office finally emailed me the proof of delivery today. It was signed by some unknown Indian woman! (because of the name). Looking at the document, the mistake apparently was they FORGOT to put the unit number of my flat! I emailed AmiAmi but AmiAmi said that they have written my address correctly.

      So I think it’s the fault of two persons: the person who ‘copied the address’ to the courier (forgot to include unit number) and the courier who ‘tried his luck’. Two big assholes.

      …Although I find it hard to believe that the courier wouldn’t like look at the packaging sticker/document etc to probe for the unit number. Maybe AmiAmi really didn’t write the unit number and they were not telling me the truth.

  2. hazandyne

    Wow, and I thought I had it bad…

    In my case, I depended on a local shop that imports mainstream JP titles freely for those people raring to play them ASAP. The Neptune series is part of that list and as you very well know, localization of the series nowadays is woefully slow (and the LLC in charge just broke the release chronology by planning to port Nep U first come spring when Noire should have been next in line)

    By them, I got ReBirth2, Noire & U as Region 2, but they were only able to stock R3 copies of ReBirth 3 (hint, hint). So here I am with a DL code that I can’t use because it’s of a different region and of course, the Vita can’t do “double-dealing”.

    Anyway, hope you get your copy back somehow, or in the slim chance that you get compensated, are able to get a copy with a code. That way, I can also live vicariously through your updates as a fringe benefit. Like you, I also hope CH might consider eventually releasing the mode as paid DLC, or better still, create more accessible versions of that mode with other characters. If such were the case, Nepgear and Blanc will be high on my list among the majors. ;)

    1. Helu Post author

      Wow, thanks for the comment! It has been so long; I really appreciate it ^^

      Unfortunately, my local post office has FINALLY declared the item lost, and I can go ahead to ask AmiAmi for compensation.

      But yeah, I think I would have to consider next time when buying something in Christmas period.

      What’s that DL code that you mentioned? Could it be special codes given by Dengeki PlayStation magazine for this game? :o

  3. hazandyne

    No, it’s the same initial purchase code from the game itself, since my copy is Asia R3. Wouldn’t be having issues with magazine codes since I’m also on a JP account.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah, I see. I haven’t bought any other game version besides Japan R2 for so long I forgot Vita is locked to a single PSN account lol… ^^;

  4. hazandyne

    Yeah, it’s just that shipping duties have been particularly painful in my neck of the woods. That’s why I reserve that option for the niche stuff now. That shop opening was a total boon for me.

    I had a choice though. Either get it now and just deal with an unusable code or request it again, wait for it until late February. I’ll be getting it R2, but there’s an off-chance that it won’t have the code. Plus I’d be itching to play it for days. So much so that I might not be able to concentrate on work.

    Anyway, enough about my quandaries. I hope you get your copy soon. You’ll find that it plays better than the original V, plus they got rid of some of the annoying character challenges… it escapes me why they retained the Escape bit though… I absolutely HATE running from battles in RPGs….

    1. Helu Post author

      I see…

      Yep, I’m interested with the changes they made to Neptune Re;Birth 3 battle system. It’s as if they modified the battle system to ‘transition us’ to Neptune VII X) Can’t say I’m looking forward to the marriage between Nariyuki Dungeon and scout system though… ^^;

  5. hazandyne

    Thankfully, Nariyuki is no longer dungeon-based. It now has it’s own tower that increases in levels as you advance through the game.

    I haven’t gotten too far yet because CCs are top priority. You don’t just get stat boosts, there are also character-specific ability and extra stuff given as item plans.


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