Neptune Re;Birth 3 finally arrived


I finally received my copy of Neptune Re;Birth 3 today on 10 Jan 15, which I’m supposed to receive on 20 Dec 14 (so 3 weeks of delay).

I had to call the post office everyday to express my frustration and demand resolution. After stalling for 3 weeks, spouting bullshits such as ‘department of concern’ and ‘investigations’, they declared the item lost on Thursday 9 Jan, but somehow found the item on Friday and delivered on Saturday 10 Jan (and that’s after I pushed them; they wanted to deliver next Monday; talk about having no sense of guilt).

I won’t thank them though (my local post office) even though they managed to find my item. The whole thing didn’t have to happen in the first place. I also spent time, money, energy, emotion and attention to go after this matter, and those are still not and won’t be compensated.

EMS Japan is fine, they did an excellent job and delivered to my country on time. It’s my local post office that is fucked up and an embarrassment to the country.

So what really happened? They wouldn’t let me know but based on the data, the ‘consigner’ forgot to include my unit number in the address when he/she gave ‘the consignment list’ to the the courier. This is undesirable but admittedly still an okay human error; after all there’s still the proper address on the shipping label of the package, right?

But no, the courier is too fucking dumb to look at the shipping label of the package when he realized there was no unit number on the consignment list. He sent it to some random address, even let some unknown Indian woman fucking sign the proof of delivery. Talk about a hopeless piece of shit. I hope his salary got cut because of this.

But yeah, I wish to put this frustrating incident behind me.

Time to open up and play the game! XD


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