I wonder how many ‘Recently’ posts have I made? (the number WordPress automatically assigned to the post URL should give the answer) ^^;

But yeah, It’s my go-to strategy when some time has passed and I have played multiple games in the meantime lol ^^; Anyway…

Dead Or Alive 5

I never thought that I would pick up this game again. After buying the virtually lag-free BenQ RL2460HT monitor, I wanted to test how it would benefit fighting games, and for some reason I picked this among my other fighting games (like Persona 4 Ultimate, Soul Calibur V and Street Fighter X Tekken).

Ever since, I managed to unlock Alpha 152 (by earning titles) and even earn the supposedly bugged Throwdown Challenges trophies (with patience).

I’m now two trophies short of platinum-ing the game. One trophy is to do 1000 matches online (I recently managed to ‘boost’ it with a partner to 700 matches). The other is to complete all Survival courses. I’m left with the highest difficulty Survival course, Legend. Personally though, the last difficulties are not that much different from one another (if any), and it’s more about luck whether you bump into annoying AI randomly.

The ‘Survival method’ I’m using is Lisa method. There are also supposedly Leifang and Alpha 152 methods. I personally think Leifang method takes too many ‘contacts’ to defeat an enemy so it takes more concentration, energy and stamina. And more chances of things going wrong. With Lisa method, if everything goes well, you just need to ‘touch’ each enemy 2 times (and at most 3 times) to defeat them. Alpha 152 method is supposedly abusable but I don’t know, I keep getting beaten once I’m near wall (and I already tried hard not to end up next to the wall). So my favorite methods in order are: Lisa > Alpha 152 > Leifang. Though for the last difficulties I’ve always won it by Lisa.

I think the hardest opponent for Lisa is Akira because the strongest Akira AI would block my wake-up kick, and then he would throw a punch that would win my attack (I guess I should ‘hold’ instead of trying to win it, but I’ve seen him mix it up with a kick too).

But yeah, the reason I’m trying to complete this game’s trophies is because I might want to get Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round on PS4 after all. I skipped Ultimate on PS3, which has additional characters such as Momiji, Marie Rose and even the female Tengu. Even now I have never used them. Last Round is released around the same time as God Eater 2 Rage Burst though, and the history is that DOA5 preorder DLC would eventually be available as paid DLC. So yeah, I might not buy it day one.

I also want to clear my fighting games in general; I’m left with Persona 4 Ultimate, Soul Calibur V and Street Fighter X Tekken (in order of online trophies’ completion level). It’s because online trophies might become impossible to get one day (when they shut down the servers etc). I just hope that their online right now is not already totally dead ^^; (Persona 4 Ultimate already has upgraded version, while Soul Calibur has free-to-play version, and Street Fighter X Tekken doesn’t seem to be well  accepted by fighting game community).

Personally though, I find myself not enjoying 3D fighting games as much. I think in 3D fighting games, the characters simply have too many moves, which make a high-level play seem more random than strategy. Especially for Tekken, you can get juggled and not do anything for quite a long time.

Final Fantasy XIII

I think I’m pretty much buying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 in March, and somehow I feel like I should complete Final Fantasy XIII. I actually have all 3 games of XIII series: XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. But yeah, I’ll complete number one first ^^;

I have actually completed the game before (but not platinum) in my old account. So yeah, I have to redo the game. I’m also making sure not to miss the missable enemies (such as Targeting Beacon) this time for the sake of completion. I think I reached halfway point of the story now.

‘Clean-up mode’

But yeah, since I’m buying PS4 (most probably by mid-February), I feel like I should clean up some of my PS3 games, since I’m thinking to put my PS3 back to the box when I set up my PS4 (and only taking it back out once I’m done with my PS4 games).

Besides fighting games and Final Fantasy series, I feel I should beat Oneechanbara Kagura Z and DmC before buying more action games (like Oneechanbara Kagura Z2), White Album before buying more visual novels (like Higurashi, upcoming Date A Live Rinne Utopia on Vita and many more like the already released Hanayamata, Nisekoi and Steins Gate – yep, I have not played Steins Gate nor know the story). My Musou games (Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate and Samurai Warriors 3Z) before buying… er, more Musou games. Senran Kagura Burst before buying Estival Versus (and other Senran Kagura games such as Senran Kagura 2 and Bon Appetit).

And before Neptune VII arrives, I think I should beat not only Re;Birth 3 but also Fairy Fencer F.

I think it’s a tall order (impossible even), not forgetting I’m pretty much a ‘working adult’ now with only a few hours to spare at night (and that’s if I’m not working overtime, which has not happened to me but I’m pretty sure soon I will experience it). But yeah, I do what I can.

All while not losing sight of the ‘prize’ of playing video games, which is to have fun ^^

Games I want to buy in 2015:

January: None, fortunately. Tales of Zestiria is released this month but I haven’t jumped into Tales series yet.

February: God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round (maybe)

March: Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, Senran Kagura Estival Versus. Especially in March, I’m actually forgoing a lot of seemingly interesting games such as Deception (that the old me would buy all of them).

April: Neptune VII

May: KanColle Kai (hopefully)

June: Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain (hopefully)

I think it’s good for me to focus on playing 2 games at the same time (not literally lol) max. I can’t imagine myself being preoccupied with 3 games at once (but visual novels, where you are just tapping circle button, can be a different story though…)


I haven’t started watching yet, but I know Kantai Collection, Koufuku Graffiti and Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls anime are airing now. I’m not sure if I should start watching them or wait until they’re complete ^^;


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