Okay, I really should stop being so lazy and try to name my posts ^^;


Trophy Hunting

These past few days, I have been playing catch-up with my PS3 game trophies. It’s because I’m pretty sure I’m getting PS4 soon, and I want to put my PS3 back into the box when that happens (it’s weird to have PS3 and PS4 side-by-side in my room, I think), which means there’s a chance that I’m not going to touch my PS3 for some time.

The ones I’m focusing now are the online trophies, since they carry the possibility of someday becoming unobtainable due to service shutdowns etc. I actually made quite some progress; I never imagined that I would actually complete DOA5, Persona 4 Arena and Soul Calibur V online trophies, but I did. I’m pretty much ‘trophy boosting’ though, where players help each other by trading wins etc to get the online trophies together. I’m now working on Resident Evil 6 and later Street Fighter X Tekken trophies. It seems for Street Fighter X Tekken I might be able to get the Vita version for cheap and then ‘self-boost’ myself ^^;

You might think that this whole thing (of going after trophies and doing trophy boosting instead of ‘playing legit’) is ridiculous if not retarded and it crossed my mind too ^^; I mean, we’re supposed to have fun with the game, not do some… weird activities. But yeah… I don’t know. I guess I treat my PSN account as one of my ‘online identities’, and I don’t want to regret one day of it getting marred by unobtainable trophies, I guess…

I’m also aware of another category of trophies that needs a certain degree of lookout and that is DLC trophies. This is because the DLCs may stop being sold in PlayStation Store one day, and then suddenly the DLC trophies become unobtainable. I personally haven’t seen an actual case of this yet, but I do know a case of DLCs stop being sold: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. They stopped selling the game’s digital version and all the DLCs, and now the extra characters such as Jill Valentine are gone forever unless you purchased them beforehand.

I think it’s pretty much due to licensing issues and unfortunately I have one game of this particular category (DLC with licensing) and that is Walking Dead. I sold my Walking Dead before, and then they released DLC with trophies called 400 Days -_-;

But yeah, I have quite a surprising number of DLC trophies. Drag On Dragoon 3, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Muramasa Rebirth, DmC etc. It’s quite annoying because they require money and they are also ‘forcefully’ inserted into the trophy list (or accounted as total trophy completion percentage), etc.

And oh yeah, especially Ciel noSurge, which keeps coming with DLC after DLC. I think this game is virtually the Guinness world record holder in this regard. I just hope that by now they stopped making new DLCs and the DLCs are bundled and the price made significantly cheaper.

Another offender is Resident Evil 5 and 6 (and maybe Revelations?), which have trophies that are both DLC and Online. I used to 100% Resident Evil 5 in my old account, but I don’t think I’m going to do it again. Maybe one day I would regret not getting every Resident Evil trophies in my account? I don’t know… but it doesn’t seem as severe as having some unobtainable trophies in my account.

There’s also one more category of trophies to look out for, although it’s rare and this only applies to Vita only: adhoc trophies; i.e., trophies that require you to play with another player in vicinity. I happen to have two Vitas so I may be able to take advantage of this situation. I’m just unsure if they would let two Vitas with the same PSN account and same digital version of game interact with each other or not.

If I’m done with Street Fighter X Tekken, I basically have only 2 games that supposedly have some online & adhoc functionality and that is Dream C Club Zero Portable and @field. It’s hard to get information about these games; I don’t even know if @field’s multiplayer trophy is adhoc or online, but I read that its online service is already closed. I think it’s adhoc and the online server is just for rankings. I hope so ^^;


This season I’m watching Kantai Collection, Koufuku Graffiti and Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, mostly because they hailed from video game world. Kantai Collection is like the hottest Japanese browser game now and Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls was my first ‘mobage’ ever. It’s amazing when you think about it; one is a browser game adaptation and the other is mobage game adaptation, and probably for the first time ever.

Except for Koufuku Graffiti, which came from a 4-koma manga. I forgot how I came across this one, but about a week or so after I learned about and read the manga, the anime version got announced (back in September?) ^^;

My friend told me Saekano is pretty interesting so I might watch it too.

Gotta say I can recognize almost every girls in Kantai Collection anime even though I’m not playing the game. Cinderella Girls on the other hand… Aside from Jougasaki sisters, Ranko Kanzaki and the 3 default girls and Anzu… not really ^^;

I like the producer’s design in Cinderella Girls though… I thought it was pretty interesting (stark contrast with the producer of the original Idolm@ster anime) ^^

And I must say I like the opening theme of both Kantai Collection and Koufuku Graffiti. Once they start playing in my head, it’s hard to make them stop ^^;


As for manga, I just read something amazing, but I’m not ready to talk about it now. I will talk about it in my separate post ^^


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