Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 8 Vol 6 manga

Even though Umineko No Naku Koro Ni visual novel has ended with 8 ‘Episodes’ long time ago, the manga is not yet finished! Well, the manga for Episodes 1 to 6 are done, but not Episode 7 and 8 (although I’m not sure about Episode 7, maybe it has finished).

I knew beforehand that Episode 7 and 8 would bring a lot of challenges for the manga adaptation, mainly because there are a lot of first person perspective/narratives, and some of them don’t have character portraits! Episode 8 also has that quiz mini-game thing. But so far they have done a great job X)

Anyway, look at Episode 8 Vol 6 cover!


The one on the center is ‘Shanno-trice’, drawn for the first time ever. Even the cover itself is already spoiler in some sense! 0.o

Apparently vol 6 is special because it mostly contains ‘Confession of the Golden Witch’ side chapters (3 of them), with only 1 actual chapter from Episode 8. And apparently this story has never been told in visual novel before! (maybe in ‘extra materials’ of the same name, but I still don’t think it’s been elaborated to such extent before).

With these chapters, the ‘One Truth’ of Umineko can pretty much be deduced. Although it can already be deduced way before, at that time it felt like it was just one of the ‘better’ theories. It’s only now that it’s strongly confirmed (and with visuals).

These side chapters still don’t spell out everything though. But once you read it, you will know exactly which events among all the 8 Episodes are the truth, and for the other events, what they signify.

So yeah, I think Umineko fans should grab this volume. Probably the most important volume ever. I also gotta say Umineko manga adaptations are generally well done. I think I personally would recommend people to read the manga instead of the visual novel (if they can read Japanese) ^^;

As I said, Episode 8 manga is still not finished yet. There are probably still 2-3 volumes to go. I can’t wait; one of the reasons being they also have to illustrate a certain character now (whom has no sprite in visual novel). I’m sure the end is gonna be so touching (I played the PS3 version and was literally moved to tears) T.T

I keep thinking that if only Umineko gained more recognition in the west, it would have earned various awards for storytelling ^^; Sadly because of language barrier and stuffs, it seems that it would remain a cult masterpiece… T.T

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