Soul Calibur V Platinum

Finally platinum’ed Soul Calibur V today.

It has been a while since I last platinum-ed a game. My last platinum was Hyperdimension Neptunia U for Vita which was on Sep 14 ^^;

I thought Soul Calibur V was gonna be one of the games I would never platinum, but I managed to do it.

To boost online Ranked Matches, we set ourselves with unique titles and use those titles to identify each other during matching.

For defeating all opponents in Quick Matches, I use Natsu’s spammable combo -> B+K, B, B and punish with -> -> B. There are 240 opponents so I do a bit every day.


For reaching level 99 (after I’m done with Quick Matches), I simply play Arcade on Standard route and Easy as Cervantes, and hold down the circle button of my turbo controller (with circle button assigned to vertical attack). He would win everytime (except perhaps the last opponent), and the circle button would conveniently press the restart menu selection and restart the whole thing. So I can just leave my PS3.

For Wind Of Battle (walk 87km or so), I use Voldo because he has the fastest backward speed, play in an infinite stage and somehow found a way to keep pressing backward and circle button (the circle button is not assigned to any action, but it still acts as confirm button when the rematch menu appears). This one took the longest: 2 and a half nights (of bedtime).

By right I should just focus on online trophies instead of trying to platinum this game, but yeah, I think completing one game is good for my morale ^^;

So yeah, not counting Dream C Club Zero Portable which I think have 1-2 odd online trophies, I’m left with Resident Evil 6 and Street Fighter X Tekken as my only games with online trophies now.

I actually have completed the ‘worst’ of Resident Evil 6 DLC online trophies, which are the Survivor and Siege modes. Still need one more trophy for Predator mode (capture 50 agents as Ustanak) but it seems I don’t really have to boost it; can just play with some randoms (group of 6 people) at night.

I’m still looking for a partner to do Onslaught though. Supposedly I can just play with a random, the problem is I can’t find someone hosting a room. Maybe I should host a room? I wonder if anyone would actually come… ^^;

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