Resident Evil 6 Platinum 100%

Managed to get 100% trophy completion on Resident Evil 6


Need to get all 4 DLC modes’ trophies to get 100%, which require online play. As usual, I was able to find people who are willing to boost these trophies together, although I met not just one or two, but a few players working on separate modes (since they have their own progress on the 4 modes).

I actually managed to clear the worst ones (Siege and Survivor) first. Especially Siege; if I didn’t multi-task by reading manga on the side etc I think I would go insane there. My last boost was supposedly for the easiest-to-get-all-trophies mode Onslaught.

But yeah, I had to buy the DLC modes and one special map that makes grinding for Onslaught and especially Siege easier. It’s not that much of a financial damage though.

I encountered something funny while trying to get one trophy for Predator mode, which is to capture 50 humans as Ustanak (i.e. grab them with its big hand). I didn’t really boost this. Instead, I just played online normally. When I managed to capture one player, I just threw them and pick them up over and over again, without caring for the objective which is to kill everybody. The funny thing is that player held a grudge against me and on the next round when he became Ustanak, he did the same thing to me over and over again and I was pretty much helpless (just like he was). I can’t stop laughing and my stomach hurt lol XD

And I got all the DLC online trophies before I managed to get all the single player ones. I basically farmed Skill Points by going through Jake’s 4-3 route (getting 7000 skill points from treasure chests in 2-3 minutes). I also just played the last save points of every chapters to get the ‘beat all chapters on Professional difficulty’ trophy. Some of them are not even boss fights so they’re simple to beat.

The skills that really helped me for Professional difficulty was Field Medic lv.2 (aside from infinite ammo ones). With this skill, the AI partner will always give you some health when they’re reviving you (and generally they would always save you before you die), so you don’t really need to farm health items (except for Ada who is alone most of the times).

But yeah, another Platinum, and another online game down. Next is Street Fighter X Tekken, and I’m seriously considering finding a Vita version cheap so I can ‘self-boost’.

I also should attempt my Dead Or Alive 5 last trophy (clear all Survival courses, and I’m left with just the last course) again though, since the release of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round is just around the corner.

But I gotta say, I quite like Resident Evil 6. I thought the system is quite refined and the production value for this game is just mind-numbing. I think the story doesn’t really have a soul though; with the exception of certain parts, it’s more like a checklist of Hollywood action scenes. But then again, the first Resident Evil was supposedly a ‘B-grade movie’ game. I think Resident Evil 6 is just like that but a Hollywood movie ^^;


2 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6 Platinum 100%

  1. Karl Weller

    You have more stamina than I could muster. I’m a bit of a platinum whore myself, but I got bored very quickly with this. Especially when it came to Chris Redfield! Man he, along with that condom, sperm looking secretion you have to defeat at the end annoyed me beyond comprehension! Wasted all my grenades on it until I released I had to kill it with my knife. A freakin knife was more proficient than a grenade launcher?!

    Anyway, congratulations.

    1. Helu Post author

      Thanks ^^ Yeah, the Chris boss is more like a puzzle; basically have to make it ‘explode’ out of cocoon while on the ground then stab with knife 3 times. In case you didn’t know, you don’t have to beat the entire game on Professional; you can just play the last save checkpoint of each chapter (20 of them). Good luck if you’re attempting this again :)


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