Got my PS4! XD


In preparations for my first PS4 games (DOA5 Last Round, God Eater 2 Rage Burst, 19 Feb), I went ahead and purchased a Japan ‘export’ set (i.e. no local warranty). I got it cheaper than local or US set, although I think people in Japan could get it for cheaper.

First impressions

– Setting up privacy settings for PSN profile is kinda a pain. It’s kinda like Facebook where you get to decide who can see what etc. and they try to ‘transition’ to real name etc. The move is understandable (if you have real friends who also own PS4, you can see each other’s real names instead of confusing IDs), but in the end I decided not to use my real name ^^;

– The UI takes some time to get used to but it’s nice. Basically the top row is like the ‘control’ center while the one at the bottom is ‘content’ center.

– Dualshock 4 controller is amazing. The sticks and triggers feel better. And there is audio jack you can connect earphone to. The touch pad is also two buttons. Wow. Probably my only gripe is the Share and Options button are a bit hard to locate by touch (probably I need to get used to it).

– PlayStation Store UI is just like PS3 but it’s much zippier

– Broadcasting is kinda a pain although understandable. You get to choose to display chat messages but the screen becomes smaller. If you set it fullscreen, you sometimes get messages but afaik can’t read it without going to some menu. And when you enter some menu, even to adjust headset audio level etc or when the game reaches ‘blocked’ scenes, the broadcasting also stops (although it’ll automatically resume). But yeah, I kinda understand why professional streamers don’t use PS4 built-in capability.

In the meantime without any game it seems I can only play around with God Eater 2 Rage Burst demo. I tried playing PT horror demo game but I’ve seen so much of its gameplay I’m not feeling the effect… ^^;

My first impressions of God Eater 2 Rage Burst:

– The graphics is not really what one would expect from PS4
– There are borders around the screen that I don’t know how to get rid of (edit: apparently I need to maximize display area in PS4 settings)
– Now you can see the damage number inflicted on Aragami, which is nice. This should prevent guesswork when trying to figure out how powerful certain weapons are.
– Seems they complicate the game somewhat by adding various systems. Can purchase and equip skills for support characters (even that character). There are also skills that act as bonus that trigger with some probability at mission end when those support characters get used. But I don’t know how to differentiate these mission end skills with the other skills.
– Also at the end of mission will receive 3 skills that can be ‘installed’ to weapons. This is pretty cool I think, but I don’t know whether they’re random etc.

But yeah, I haven’t reached the end of the demo yet. Not sure how long the demo is. I’m still deciding whether I should just carry over my Vita save or start all over when I get the full game.

And apparently, my PS3 Slim and PS4 can use the same HDMI, ethernet, and power cables, so it’s a matter of ‘swapping the box’ if I want to play PS3 or PS4 games… ^^;


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