Playing God Eater 2 Rage Burst

I gotta say, the demo is very long O.o I still haven’t beaten it yet, and I’ve already reached difficulty 3 missions. I’m curious where the demo ends. They also don’t keep certain systems locked. Even though my full game hasn’t arrived, I’m practically playing it now.

At first I’m worried about the trophies, but apparently if you went over certain story trophies in the demo, in the full game you can just unlock them by going to theater and then view the appropriate cutscenes.

I also haven’t reached the new gameplay Blood Rage yet, which is supposedly a very powerful Burst state. The trigger is apparently some ‘vow’ system. Supposedly it’s in the demo (although I thought the main character would get this ability after the new story).


At first I played with Short Blade as usual, but I gotta say I’m enjoying the new weapon Variant Scythe. Its special attack (R1+square) is ridiculously large radius attack Round Fang. From Round Fang, we can go to Vertical Fang (triangle) -> Cleave Fang (R1+square), which are overhead attack and ‘finisher’, which deal good damage and still ridiculously long range. The damage from Round Fang is small, but you can ‘chip’ enemies safely from far (after the first R1+square, you can keep pressing square to do it infinitely but it takes stamina. You can even dash and when you press square, still continue with Round Fang).

But yeah, I think God Eater 2 is about ‘improvements game’. You can get by without much customization, especially if you participate in multiplayer. But the joy is about improving your character by creating, customizing and equipping a lot of things (weapon, equipments, bullets etc) and taking advantage of all the ‘support’ systems and in God Eater 2 Rage Burst they even add more systems to it. The number of areas where you can make improvements is mind-boggling.

It’s kind of game that ‘it can be the only game you play’ and it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. Instead of jumping from title to title, just focus on this game (i.e. buying PS4 just for this game lol). And it’s about continual improvements by researching and experimenting with the systems and practicing with the weapons (and with PS4, you can even record your session and review stuffs). Unfortunately, I do have other games I want to play and I also still have many other games to complete ^^;

But yeah, in another universe I seriously don’t mind being ‘the guy who buys PS4, buys God Eater 2 and only plays this game’.


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