Walking Dead 400 Days


So yeah, I decided to tie up loose ends with my Walking Dead trophy list.

When I platinum’ed the game, I sold my disc version, only for 400 Days DLC to be released later with additional trophies.

But it turned out that I can (now) download Episode 1 for free, and that’s all I need to be able to play 400 Days DLC. It cost $4.99, although since I don’t have US credit card I had to buy US PSN card it really cost me $10.00 (unless I can find some other thing to spend the remaining fund on). It’s still cheaper than the Japanese game DLCs I have to purchase to complete my other games’ trophy list.

The DLC turned out to be pretty short and the trophies are easy to get. My only complaint is that it didn’t show everything (like what happened to certain characters between individual chapters and the epilogue etc).

It made me want to try Walking Dead Season 2 but I digressed because I don’t think I’m the type that would play this kind of game over and over again just to see what would happen if I pick different choices.

It would be interesting if there is a Japanese game like this though. Not saying it has to be zombies, but anime-style. Maybe then I would try it out more. I think the best Japanese have done with this kind of game are visual novels with branching paths, but I don’t think those are really of the same level as Walking Dead ^^;

Edit: It seems I should try Disaster Report (Zettai Zetsumei Toshi) 1 or 2, which would be released as PS2 classics on PSN Japan next week. But do I really want to play PS2 classics games? I don’t know… ^^;

But yeah, maybe I should replay 400 Days at least once more to see what would happen if I pick different hard choices. Gotta make the money I spent worth at least more ^^;


4 thoughts on “Walking Dead 400 Days

  1. hazandyne

    I’m personally thrilled that ZZT 1 & 2 will finally be getting PSN releases. If you’re serious about getting one, I personally recommend ZZT2. It’s easily the best among the series, and the good part is you don’t have to play the first one to fully understand it, there are just minor references here and there.

    The most interesting scenario of all is the Nishizaki Kana Arc. You guide a troubled schoolgirl to escape her ruined school all while dealing with bitter memories of being bullied, evading an opportunistic perverted teacher, and getting the delicious chance to get even with her tormentor amid the chaos… or take the moral high ground. Your call. (I personally picked the former though, it was dark and hilarious all at the same time)

    I have the original PS2 copy of 1 and I played 2 via CD burn copy years ago. Considering getting 2 from PSN just for the sheer nostalgia. (plus I have the clear save file backed up from my PS2 MC so I can pick any scenario from the get-go)

    Like you, I also had to spring for the DL version of Walking Dead and get 400 days via a temp US account and a 10$ card, but it was worth the minor trouble. I personally might try S2 as well, but only when it hits second-hand bargain bin price later on.

    1. Helu Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Yeah I think I should try these games; they are like among the classics that I missed from the golden age of gaming that is PS2. After I’m done with a few games first though but yeah, I’ll pick 2 first as you recommended ^^

  2. hazandyne

    Anyway, both titles are out on PSN, decided to get ZZT2 myself so I can have a legit copy for once, if only on the PS3. One thing I noticed though: It’s not Irem who was credited for the digital rights, but rather Granzella (ZZT dev Kazuma Kujo’s newly formed company after he left Irem).

    One could speculate that Kujo might have regained rights to his franchise either by legal ruling or some agreement with Irem. This also means that redistribution of ZZT3 in the same medium may not be too far away, and ZZT4 might even be pulled out of cancellation.

    Pardon the fan rant, it’s just that I love this series and the prospect of a possible revival excites me.

    1. Helu Post author

      One day I’ll definitely try this series; I mean, I think they are among the Japanese games with original gameplay such as Kagero, Tenchu, Fatal Frame and Silent Bomber.

      I feel your excitement; I think I would be that excited as well if Tenchu and Onimusha series were to be revived X)


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