Drag On Dragoon 3 100%, Street Fighter X Tekken online trophies and Tekken 7


After Walking Dead, I also decided to tie up loose ends with Drag On Dragoon 3 DLC trophies. I also (just) managed to get all online trophies of Street Fighter X Tekken.

I bought DoD3 Extra Scenarios pack for about 2,400 yen. It contains all the extra scenarios: One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Zero. Scenario One doesn’t have trophies though, and I already got scenario Two trophies (since it was released free), so I really had to do Three, Four, Five and Zero.

They’re nothing to difficult but there’s a bit of grinding for each scenario (to get the character to max level 10). I think among the scenarios I like Four the best because of how she appeared normal at first (although she spouted a lot of bullshit) but turned out to be very twisted ^^;

In terms of gameplay, Zero still controls the best. Three’s attack range is just short ^^; Four’s triangle attack is powerful even without charging. Five’s infinite stab combo is powerful too (but well, these are actually based on the weapon types).

As for Street Fighter X Tekken, the worst online trophy to me was the play 500 online matches trophy. But what I did was simply host a room with shortest round and left my PS3 on when I went to bed. I kept the confirm button pressed on my arcade stick, and the game could apparently continue by itself (character select, stage select etc) when someone joined the room. The speed of the progress varied (depends whether someone actually joined the room and whether they ‘get’ what I’m trying to do) but it’s faster than what I expected (took only a few bedtimes).


In fact, I got a few people thanking me for ‘letting them win’. It’s because the people who joined the room can take advantage of the room to get the ‘win 100 online matches’ trophy, so it’s a give and take situation ^^

As for offline trophies, there are 2 hard trophies left for me (beat all bosses in Hardest difficulty and beat all Missions). Somehow I don’t feel like doing these because I haven’t gotten myself all familiarized with this game ^^; The rest of the trophies are just grinds.

Now, there is only about a week before I get my hands on God Eater 2 Rage Burst and Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round (unless the post office screws up again). I think it’s not enough time to start a trophy hunt on another game (since I would need to get familiar with the game etc).

And although for Dead Or Alive 5 and Street Fighter X Tekken I’m left with only offline trophies (which I could take my sweet time to do), I think I should just try to take care of them now while my mind is still ‘fresh’ of their mechanics. After some time (half a year – a year maybe?) I would forget their mechanics that it would be an effort to to remember them again ^^;

In fact, there are many games I have not played for so long that if I were to ever get back to them, I would restart the game instead of continuing where I left off; games such as Super Heroine Chronicle, Conception II, Unmei Kakumei No Paradox etc (mostly RPGs). I think Fairy Fencer F is gradually turning into this category but maybe not, since it’s based on familiar Neptune series gameplay after all.

But yeah, overall I feel pretty good with the results of my ‘trophies quickening’ these past weeks. I managed to get platinum for Soul Calibur V and Resident Evil 6 for example.

Also, after Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken Revolution, I’m thinking of moving away from Tekken series (fighting games in general), but it seems this trailer just draws me back in an instant ^^;

Xiaoyu’s new curly twintail hairstyle in Tekken 7 is kinda ugly though. Hopefully we can revert to previous hairstyle through customization. But maybe I’ll get used to it ^^;



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