Dead Or Alive 5 Platinum! XD


Yes! I finally managed to platinum DOA5! XD

After the grueling 1000 network matches is done, the hardest trophy is to clear all Survival courses, of which the last 4 difficulties are against 100 opponents. If you die before defeating the 100th opponent, it’s not considered cleared T.T

Beating all Survival courses took me weeks (I just attempt a bit each day), especially the last difficulty Legend.

Basically, I’m using Lisa’s method which takes advantage of the 1PK move (very high priority move) followed by Critical Burst, 8K, 4PK, T combo (Critical Burst, 4K, PPP for Bass and Bayman).

The only advice I can give you if you’re trying to do the same is that in higher difficulties, you have to observe how ‘hold-happy’ the enemies are. If they are indeed ‘hold-happy’, when they get hit by wake-up kick or 1PK they tend to perform hold. Anticipate this, stop your combo and throw them instead ^^

And maybe get lucky not to meet with godly AI… -.-;

But yeah, I think this is one of the hardest trophies I ever earned, joining the ranks of MGS4’s Big Boss difficulty and Drag On Dragoon 3’s rhythm section. Earning this trophy can be frustrating but of course, once you get it, it feels so awesome.

And I managed to get platinum before Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round arrives! When I get DOA5LR, I would be able to enjoy the game without being burdened by the fact that I still haven’t platinum’ed the older game X)

As for the Last Round, I’m indeed most excited by the latest girl, Honoka. I mean, she is a mimic character with the moves of various other characters. Although I’m personally excited to try Marie Rose, Momiji and Nyotengu for the first time too (I skipped Ultimate).

Post office, please, please, pLEASE… don’t screw up again T.T


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